May 222011

The first draft of Joe the ghost’s story is done. Yay!!! I’m going to take the rest of this beautiful day off to walk the dogs for the second time today, and tonight I’ll finish reading Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott. I read the first half, and it was hard to pull myself away to work on my book.

I would have finished yesterday, but I was on a tour of the UWM-Milwaukee library with other writers from my local chapter. It was interesting. In their special collections, they have one of the few replicas of the Book of Kells, plus gorgeous illuminated books from the 1500’s. They also have a fun collection of nurse romances.

The illuminated books reminded me of Michelle Diener’s Tudor book that will be out in August, In A Treacherous Court. The heroine, Susanna Horenbout, was a real artist for King Henry VIII. The hero, John Parker, was a real figure, too. But the page-turning, breathtaking and brilliant story came from Michelle’s mind.

That was my weekend. What are you reading now?