You’ve Got Murder


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Murder follows the Shady Ladies mystery authors everywhere they go…

Six mystery writers who exchange emails, instant messages and texts discussing plotlines, sex and murder for their books, get a dose of non-fiction when one of their own is suspected of doing in a wife-beating killer.

The heat cranks up when another member’s crooked literary agent is killed, and their newest member’s husband is looking more and more like a serial killer.
Flesh-eating pigs, New York skyscrapers, quadruplets, a feisty grandma, a husband on Viagra and a sexy Italian detective are just part of the mix as the Shady Ladies plot like their lives depend on it… Because it does…


From: Hope Shoemaker
Subject: Literary Blog
Sent: May 23 9:23 AM

Kat, you’re famous! You’re mentioned in the Literary Insider’s blog, the one with all the gossip. I follow him on Twitter and his blog. I’m looking forward to the day when I’m famous enough for anyone outside my family to care if I do something stupid so they can plaster it all over the internet. I pasted the part about you below:

Can you say “Prima Donna?” “Drama Queen?” “Diva?” My favorite mystery maven, She Who Never Disappoints, has heard the “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” song. The Insider got the scoop from an inside source that KM’s breakup with prestigious Manhattan agent, RD, came complete with shouting and a thrown glass of orange juice. I know from experience that orange juice washes out, which is fortunate for RD, because he might be counting his pennies soon. When KM walked out of the uptown office, so did a large percentage of his percentage.

Advice from the Insider, RD. Next time you have a best-selling author, pucker up your lips, bend over, and start smooching.

From: Kate Murdock
Subject: “Prima Donna?” “Drama Queen?” “Diva?”
Sent: May 23 9:36 AM

Moi? (said in Miss Piggy’s most indignant tone). Why, to think I’ve been pigeon holed in such a horribly wicked Aristar fashion. I love it! Ari, I’m calling you. This will recharge your batteries quicker than marathon sex. la la la

Hope, thank you for sharing. I knew there was a leak somewhere, my assistant can’t keep up with the phones calls since I returned yesterday.

Rodger can take his agency and send it sailing up the Hudson.

Whew, what a relief. Have any of you ever carried something so weighty around for so long that you get used to it, to the point where you’re afraid to unload it? Well, that was Rodger, a weight I was used to bearing. I should have dumped him years ago.

I feel weightless now.

la la la la la

Happy Kat!

From: Megan Maguire
Subject: Re: “Prima Donna?” “Drama Queen?” “Diva?”
Sent: May 23 9:58 AM

I love my kick-ass CPs! Thanks for posting this, Hope. I needed a smile.

Hey, Kat! Here’s an agent test for you. Before you sign up your new agent, turn around and say “Here’s my heinie.”

Meg (who really is going to query Rodger)

To: Megan Maguire
From: Hope Shoemaker
Subject: Rodger
Sent: May 23 10:11 AM

Meg, the old saying that a bad agent is better than no agent is so true. I’m on my 4th, so I know what I’m talking about. If Kat’s dropping Rodger, she has a good reason. And Ari dropped him two months ago. I know two other writers who’ve dropped him lately.

If looking at contracts for more than five minutes didn’t make my brain explode, I’d be my own agent. Ken will tell you that when it comes to bargaining, I’m the best there is. In fact, I’m considering dropping my agent and hiring an intellectual property lawyer for my next contract. Why give an agent 15% of my share when I can keep it for myself?

This business is changing faster than a flying bullet. You can always self-pub like Ronnie. I’d promo you all over the place. And once you get your name on the bestseller lists, the editors and agents will be calling YOU! Then you can reject them. 🙂


From: Shelby Renfraw
Subject: Ari’s crit/Southern Belle
Sent: May 23 1:24 PM

It’s true, Kat, you are famous. My daddy’s been bragging to his friends that I’m in a critique group with mystery writer Kate Murdock!!! When I read about you raising sand in your agent’s office, I thought it sounded like something a true Southern Belle would do.

Ari, I’m returning your sub before Nelson reads it. My face is still burning and I have to tell you I learned some new positions. Your premise is a doozy, and so is your hero.

I found only a few grammatical errors but I do have a question. Can a penis truly be that big and still fit inside a woman?



This book was so good!! I stayed in suspense to what was happening next…. the characters never get old. The book captured me up till the last sentence. This group of women had me feeling like I was part of them, plotting and planning for “The Perfect Murder”!!!! – Amazon reviewer

The fun started the first page of this fast-moving book and never stopped. It’s amazing how vivid the voices were of each of the six writers in the book. This was a treat to read. I laughed all through it, and the plot was so fun. – Amazon reviewer