Handsome and Smart

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Aug 232016


If you thought by the “Handsome and Smart” title that this post was about heroes – or Hollywood hunks – you don’t know me. It’s about dogs, of course.

Carol, a reader, sent me these pictures. I have dogs and/or cats in most of my books, and I love to hear about other people’s pets. Carol’s two dogs should definitely be in a book – and maybe someday they will be. Ruffles, theĀ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is no longer alive, but she’s alive in Carol’s heart. Isn’t that a great face? Those glasses belong to Carol. They’re only a trifle big on Ruffles. šŸ™‚

And just because Cavaliers are small, it doesn’t mean they’re not fierce watchdogs. Carol said, “She wakened us one night when she was only young when my car was broken into she kept barking & when my husband put on landing light they ran away leaving car door open.”

As a small and fiesty person myself, I applaud Ruffles.Ā I told my husband that I want a Cavalier for our next dog. We’ll see…

Carol still misses Ruffles, though she has Jasper, a black & white collie/lab, who had been a rescue dog. Isn’t he handsome? He’ll be seventeen soon, and he has a very dignified face. He looks like a prince to me.

I’ve had a Cavalier in one of my books, and I’ve had labs in several books, though no collies yet.

SNOWBALL - CopyCarol also has Snowball, who isĀ half Persian, half moggie. He’s beautiful, and I bet he needs to be brushed often. I looked up moggie, which isĀ “a loving British slang word for non-pedigree cats.” I like that a lot. My short-haired gray cat is definitely a moggie, but she thinks she’s a queen, and I think Snowball looks very princely.

If I wrote a fictional story about these three pets they would be separated from their humans and trying to find them. Yes, we’ve heard that story before, but these would be different. We’re all different. Though Jasper looks like he’d be the leader, he could also be the strong, silent type with the cat as the brains, and the Cavalier would be the witty one. Or the cat. I know my cat thinks she knows more than me. (Though of course that can’t be true.)

Or could it?Ā 

What story would you make up of these three?