Dec 282012

MIRACLE PIE combines three of my loves: a cute dog, pies and people’s stories. And in the center of it is a love story and a miracle that really does take a village. All of this in 65,000 words. (I definitely abide by Elmore Leonard’s writing rule to “leave out the part that readers tend to skip.” Even so, my CP Michelle Diener, who is the master of that rule, still found places I needed to cut.)

You can read the excerpt and description here.

I love all my Miracle Interrupted books, but this is my favorite so far. I’m blogging at Magical Musings on Monday, New Year’s Eve Day, and I’ll be giving away an ecopy of MIRACLE PIE and more surprise giveaways. I hope you’ll stop off. Right now, STARDUST MIRACLE is the only book available in print. In January, I’ll putting the other three Miracle Interrupted books in print, too.

My other end of the year news is that Amazon Kindle matched the free price of STARDUST MIRACLE. It has a lot of downloads, and I’m happy because that’s more people who will be introduced to my magical realism series.

So that’s what I’m excited about. What about you?

Oct 222012

MIRACLE LANE is available! The digital version is available at most places. You can see the links here, along with the excerpt and the blurb. I’m so excited and happy about this series. I’m halfway through the next book, MIRACLE PIE, which I love even more. My main character is a pie maker who puts love into her pies. I feel I’m putting love into my Miracle Interrupted books.

More news. I’m on Jennifer Estep’s blog, talking about yum-yum love. I’m giving away an e-copy of STARDUST MIRACLE, but if you’re the winner and you already read it, I’ll be happy to give an e-copy of MIRACLE LANE instead.

Yet more news. Debut author Eliza Daly is on Magical Musings talking about spells that change your life and wondering if it’s a good idea to use the spells. I said I’d use them.  Would you? Let Beth know, and you might win one of her great prizes, including gift certificates.

I hope you have a great week!

Oct 152012

Jennifer Estep posted an awesome update about the ENTANGLED anthology, with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. If you get a chance to read it, please do. I’ve shared her information on Twitter and Facebook, in case you’d like to share as well. Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s a small step for womankind. (Corny, but couldn’t resist.)

I’m also talking about my writing journey and the fire in my soul at Magical Musings.

Other than that, the Packers won last night, we had much needed rain, and I should have MIRACLE LANE available this week. It’s a good month for me. I hope it is for you, too.

An Inspiring Story

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Sep 182012

I missed blogging yesterday. Phone calls to make, dogs to take out and in, a cat begging to be petted and, of course, a book to write. I’m still busy today, so I’m just linking to Dale Mayer’s Story that was posted on Magical Musings yesterday.

You’ll be glad you read it. Even though it’s Tuesday, I hope it’s a great start to an amazing week.

Why you should care about author Michelle Diener

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Sep 102012

Michelle Diener is one of my favorite authors and I’m lucky to have her as a CP. I learned more about her today at Magical Musings where she talks about what writing means to her and how she started. It made me admire her even more.

One of the things she did was make up games and plays when she was young. It reminds me of Jo in Little Women. Hop over and read it to find out more surprises about Michelle.

Aug 272012

I hope this is the beginning of a fabulous week for everyone! My prayers go out to everyone in the North Gulf Coast that you and your loved ones will be okay.

At Magical Musings today, I’m talking about kids and pets in books, and I’m giving away an ecopy of either STARDUST MIRACLE, DRAGON BLUES or CATTITUDE to a commenter. Tomorrow I’m a guest at Mary Hughes’ blog, where I’m giving away a copy of STARDUST MIRACLE to a commenter. I’m announcing the winner of The Magical Musings giveaway on Friday. I’m not sure when Mary will announce the winner on her blog.

So go forth and win!

Inspirational Quotes & Weird People with Giveaway

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Aug 132012

I’m at two places today. At Delilah Devlin’s blog, I’m talking about weird people and giving away an e-copy of STARDUST MIRACLE to a comments. I’m also at Magical Musings, sharing quotes from Olympic medalists. I’m inspired! If you get a chance, stop by!


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Jun 182012

I’m busy today. I’m the featured author of the week at KotC, and they’re showcasing STARDUST MIRACLE. KotC is an offshoot page of the very popular the Cheap, and showcases Kindle and Kindle Fire Deals. It’s a great place for readers and writers.

I also interview Michael Zapp at The How To Write Shop. Michael is my formatter, but he also designs software so people can do their own format easily, and he can publish your books on Apple. If you’re interested, read the article. Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole, who uses Michael’s software, the Legend Maker, sent me a testimonial that I have in my article too.

I’m also at Magical Musings, talking about my love for book reviewers.

And Bunheads is on tonight! My new favorite TV show. I hope you’re having a great start to your week too.