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Jul 252013

Mo's_Heart_200x300I’m at author Maree Anderson’s blog today, talking about cats and dogs and romance again (but not saying the same thing!). I’m giving away an ecopy of MO’S HEART to a lucky commenter. Maree does a great job of setting it up. the post will be up until Sunday, August 4th. I hope you’ll stop by!

Sep 212010

The fabulous Cynthia Eden called me fabulous! 😎 I’m guest blogging at her place (with a giveaway), and when I looked at the title this morning, “How to keep your brains from melting,” I realized it should be “brain.” We have one brain, with two halves, and inside of it we have brain cells.

Maybe people will think I meant “your” collectively instead of “your” specifically.

Can you tell I’ve been revising? It’s awful when I do it. I’m reading a book that I enjoy, yet I keep wanting to pick at little things. And she has dense paragraphs. I want to cut them in half. Sometimes I want to cut them in three.

I started off great yesterday, revising for an hour and a half before I opened up the Internet. Then I revised before I went to bed. When I finished my morning revision, I felt happy. But while I was getting ready for bed last night, I thought that I wasn’t happy with my evening pages. Then it dawned on me what I needed to do to add depth and shake up my pages. I’d forgotten something I figured out the last time I revised–which was last week.

Argh. And of course when I was in bed, I had to pop up, scurry to my office, and scribble down another idea to fix the pages.

Today looks to be busier than yesterday, but I will revise. I’ll revise every day, even if it’s just a page or two. I don’t want to forget something important again.

The amazing Amy Atwell has her first blog up at Magical Musings. If you have a moment, stop off and say hi to her–and to me at the fabulous Cynthia Eden’s.

So, what are you busy doing today?