Win the top 20 best pet books

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Sep 232015

I’m thrilled that CATTITUDE, the first book I published, is one of the top 20 pet books. CATTITUDE was the first book I published, and I loved that book. Loved the attitude of the cat. Loved the woman she turned into. Loved the cat the original woman turned into. Loved the hero, his sister, his brother… Loved so much about it, and I’m happy it’s staying in that top 20.

The collage of the top 20 is below, and you can hop over to Vanessa Morgan’s blog to find out the details that will give you the chance to win all these lovely books about pets. And there are some great ones!


Guest Post w/ Giveaways

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Jul 252013

Mo's_Heart_200x300I’m at author Maree Anderson’s blog today, talking about cats and dogs and romance again (but not saying the same thing!). I’m giving away an ecopy of MO’S HEART to a lucky commenter. Maree does a great job of setting it up. the post will be up until Sunday, August 4th. I hope you’ll stop by!


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Apr 262013

cattitude 133x22I’m at Avalon-Lion’s wonderful cat blog and am giving away a digital copy of CATTITUDE to a commenter. I’m hearing about a lot of cats and a couple of dogs. I’m having fun. But you can comment even if you don’t have a cat or dog. I love some of the cat names mentioned, and they just might turn up in my next book.

The giveaway doesn’t end until April 30th, so you have time to enter. If you read Cattitude already, you can gift it to a friend. Or if you want one of my other books instead, I can do that.

I’m 1/3 of the way through my first draft of my next book. It has cats and dogs in it, as well as the main characters. I had to research cat furniture for this book, which I enjoyed doing. So now I’m onto the next 1/3.

I’m going to Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon tomorrow. If any of you are going, come up and say hi!

Almost Ready & Giveaway Alert!

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Apr 162013

mo's heart 252x370 72dpiFirst, I’m doing a giveaway at Jennifer Estep’s blog of MIRACLE PIE and CATTITUDE. Comment and win something!

Second, MO’S HEART will be out soon! It’s one of my top three favorite books that I’ve written. I’m very proud of it. I plan on selling it for only 99 cents for the first week. After that, I’ll raise the price to $3.99.

The next time I post, I’ll have more news about MO’S HEART!

Blogging day and giveaway!

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Feb 252013

I hope you’re having a happy Monday. It’s my normal blogging day at Magical Musings, and I think I did a pretty good one this week. It’s about songs for characters – and ourselves.

I’m also at the wonderful Cynthia Woolf’s blog today with a giveaway of one of my Miracle Interrupted books! I hope you’ll stop by. You don’t even have to read it. Just comment, “Great blog!” and no one will ever know. 🙂

I hope you have a great week!

Contests, Giveaways & Mayberry

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Jan 302013

I’m blogging on Lee Hayat’s Tote Bags ‘n’ Blogs, where I’m giving away an e-copy of one of my Miracle Interrupted books to a commenter. The theme of my blog is about small towns, and I talk about Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show (Lee even put up a video clip of Barney, Opie & Andy; it’s very cute and under 2 minutes). But before I sent her the blog, I wondered if everyone would know what I meant leading off with this series from the 1960s. I asked on Facebook, and the answers were a resounding yes! Someone said their kids watch it on TV Land. So a new generation of children are learning about Mayberry.

I think what I like about Mayberry is, first, the great characters. Next is the sense of community. That’s how it’s turning out in my fictional village, though it took four books before I realized that aspect of smaller towns and villages, as if everyone in the place was an extended family member. In some ways, that’s a plus for the characters. For other characters – especially those with secrets – it’s a huge minus. And in my work-in-progress, there are a lot of secrets.

Contests: I think tomorrow is the last day of my contest at Fresh Fiction where I’m giving away a $25 gift card and a signed copy of STARDUST MIRACLE. My new contest for February will be up by then. By the way, the digital version of STARDUST MIRACLE is still free most places. I might keep it free until my next book is out. I’m not sure.

Enjoy the Miranda Lambert video below. It’s starting to snow by us. We’re supposed to get 2 to 5 inches. Not fun. How is it by you?

Nov 212012

Michelle Diener is giving 2 copies of her historical novel, THE EMPEROR’S CONSPIRACY, at Magical Musings: one in the US, and the other outside of the US. I’ve read it already in its unedited form and it’s wonderful.

Marilyn Brant is answering questions at her blog about her very cool book that will be out soon: PRIDE, PREJUDICE AND THE PERFECT MATCH.

Don’t you love the title and want to hear more? It’s a meme, and I’m doing one next week about MIRACLE PIE, my upcoming book.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Aug 272012

I hope this is the beginning of a fabulous week for everyone! My prayers go out to everyone in the North Gulf Coast that you and your loved ones will be okay.

At Magical Musings today, I’m talking about kids and pets in books, and I’m giving away an ecopy of either STARDUST MIRACLE, DRAGON BLUES or CATTITUDE to a commenter. Tomorrow I’m a guest at Mary Hughes’ blog, where I’m giving away a copy of STARDUST MIRACLE to a commenter. I’m announcing the winner of The Magical Musings giveaway on Friday. I’m not sure when Mary will announce the winner on her blog.

So go forth and win!

Inspirational Quotes & Weird People with Giveaway

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Aug 132012

I’m at two places today. At Delilah Devlin’s blog, I’m talking about weird people and giving away an e-copy of STARDUST MIRACLE to a comments. I’m also at Magical Musings, sharing quotes from Olympic medalists. I’m inspired! If you get a chance, stop by!