Happy pre-Holiday!

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Dec 202013

reviewertoppick2I feel like I’ve gotten a gift from Night Owl Reviews and reviewer Delanna! I have 5 Top Pick reviews that were posted yesterday! They are Hearts in Motion, Christmas at Angel Lake, Dead People, Dead People in Love, and Galaxy Girls.

What makes it something I needed is because the release of my next Rescued Hearts book, CRAZY, SEXY LOVE, will be delayed. I was planning to have it out in late December or early January, but I ended up making extensive revisions. I’m still revising, but it’s almost there. I should be sending it to a reader in a couple of days, and I’m much happier with the way it’s going. It’s different from other books I’ve written, but it’s also the same in some ways. The hero is a drummer in a band, and this will be my third book with a musician hero. I seem to be drawn to them. And of course, it has a rescue cat. 🙂

The Fat Cat 250x366_72dpi

My last bit of good news is that “The Fat Cat“, the short story from the charity anthology ENTANGLED, is up now. I’m putting it free where I can, but I had to put it for 99 cents at Amazon (and B&N, which won’t price it any lower). I’m waiting for Amazon to price match before I make an announcement. I haven’t even made a page for it on my Website yet, and I’ll do that as soon as I’m done with my revisions.

Here’s a quote from Delanna’s for Christmas at Angel Lake:
“This is a heartwarming story is so many ways. There is romance in bloom. The warming of a Grouch’s heart. The love of the pet you thought you saved which in turn saves you.”

In case I don’t post before the holidays, I hope yours is amazing!

Jan 192012

I went a little mad this week and put two books free on Kindle for two days: Jan. 19 and 20

Karin Tabke and I had talked about putting YOU’VE GOT MURDER for free this week but hadn’t confirmed it. Then I realized that Chinese New Year is next Monday, and it’s the Year of the Dragon. Of course I had to do something special for DRAGON BLUES. I decided to put that up for free. Since the two books are so different, I thought they might get more cross-downloaders than usual if we put them up at the same time. I emailed Karin and said I could do them together or next week, and she told me to go for the double hitter.

If you’re not familiar with the books, DRAGON BLUES is a gritty paranormal suspense with a hot romance. YOU’VE GOT MURDER is wickedly humorous mystery told in emails, IMs, texts and even a chat room. Already a LOT of books have been downloaded. Because YOU’VE GOT MURDER is so different from the books Karin and I usually write, it hasn’t gotten the love we think it deserves. I hope this brings it to the attention of a lot of readers. And of course I want people to read about my soulful dragon-man (as one reviewer called him).

More news! GALAXY GIRLS made the 2011 Reviewer’s Choice List at Paranormal Romance Guide as one of the Best Reads of 2011. I’m honored.

All in all, I’m having a great start to 2012. Now, if I could only add a few more hours to each day, it would be very amazing.

How is your 2012 working so far?

Galaxy Girls was a Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Award for Best Reads of 2011 (along with other books chosen by other reviewers). I'm thrilled that the reviewer chose Galaxy Girls. It's an honor to be on a best of the year list.
Nov 142011

I’m on Kindlegraph! Which means I can digitally sign autographs. It’s very cool and doesn’t cost me or the reader anything. It’s easy to do, too. You can see my books at http://www.kindlegraph.com/authors/edieramer. Click on Request Kindlegraph and follow the instructions. You can look up your favorite authors to see if they’re on Kindlegraph. I couldn’t find books by Jennifer Estep, but I did find Cynthia EdenDale Mayer and Misty Evans.

My other news is that I finished the second revision of my novella, Mixing It Up. It’s a Galaxy Girls story. The main character is Ki, Phyrne’s aunt. Of course, pheromones are involved. 🙂 I sent Mixing It Up to a beta reader and will undoubtedly have to make more changes.

While I’m waiting to hear back, I can play catch up. I updated my newsletter subscriber list, signed on for Kindlegraph, will do filing, take the dogs for a walk, and do formatting. Notice what I put last? Not my favorite thing to do, but I’m determined to do it. Sometime this week – maybe tomorrow – I’ll start the short story that I’ll send to my newsletter subscribers for free. It’s a Haunted Hearts story, and will feature Cassie and Luke from Dead People. Joe the ghost, Cassie’s best friend, might or might not make an appearance. I discover these things as I write the book.

I suppose I should start talking about a book that Karin Tabke and I co-wrote and will self-publish. The book is ready. We’re waiting for the cover from the fabulous Laura Morrigan. We’ll probably get it at the end of the month or early in December. It’s a very fun book, nothing like either of us normally write. We both love it! In fact, Karin’s agent loved it, but we decided to go indie with it. I’m really looking forward to putting this out there.

What are you looking forward to?

Nov 112011

This is what I listened to this morning. I picked up my cat and danced with her – for about 30 seconds. Then she jumped off and I danced alone while she rubbed her body on the carpet. We both enjoyed ourselves.

The second revision of my Galaxy Girls novella is done. I deleted one scene and added two. It’s about 1500 words longer than my first revision. I’m reading a hard copy today. When I’m done, I’ll send it to a beta reader. Altogether, I’m feeling good this Friday morning. How are you feeling?

Zombies and giveaways and Stories of Romance

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Nov 072011

Ever wonder how you’d whack off zombie body parts? Let me know at Magical Musings, and you’ll get a chance to win one of my ebooks.

I found a new place for readers and writers: Stories of Romance. Their slogan is “Exploring the Universe of Love.” And they do, with print books, ebooks, DVDs, music and more. They have a Spotlight a week. This week’s is Jacqueline Diamond, who is climbing up the Kindle bestseller list with her books. On Jan. 6th, I’ll be the splotlight author.

I’m revising my novella, Mixing It Up, with characters from Galaxy Girls. I hope to finish it tomorrow and send to a reader. Then I’ll start writing a short story that will be free for my newsletter subscribers.

What are your plans for the week?

Oct 302011

I’m interrupting the ghost story blogs to share fun news. I found out both of these by accident. Cattitude is #13 on an Indie Books – Paranormal Fiction list of favorites. It’s the first story I put up, and it’s still one of my favs. I’m glad other people feel the same way. Yay, for cat lovers! (Though I’ve gotten emails and reviews by readers who say they aren’t crazy about cats but they loved Cattitude book.)

I found out about Wattpad a couple months ago from author Trish McCallan, who writes hot  romantic suspense. Wattpad is a huge, online community where you can share your stories as you write them. Or, in my case, after I publish them. I’m posting 3 scenes a week. Before Trish published Forged in Fire, she posted excerpts on Wattpad and built up a following who were eager to buy the book when it came out. I finally joined a couple of weeks ago, putting up Galaxy Girls first and then Dead People. I found out that Galaxy Girls has been on the Hot list for paranormal-> science fiction stories since I posted the first scene. Right now, it’s #2 on the list. This is a happy surprise.


Oct 162011

I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t posted on my blog. ENTANGLED, A PARANORMAL ANTHOLOGY is getting fabulous reviews. A generous donor is matching all royalties on sales through October 20th to give to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Bestselling author Phil Hawley will also “give a copy of STIGMA to anyone who purchases the anthology during this period.” You can read more about both offers here. I’m awed by all the support we’ve been getting.

In addition to ENTANGLED, I have a short story and an essay in two other anthologies with proceeds going to charities: ANY WITCH WAY BUT WICKED and AUTHOR MOMENTS. I belatedly updated my website. Just click on the links and find out more. I have excerpts!

I finished the first draft of a GALAXY GIRLS novella. After that I plan to write a DEAD PEOPLE short story. I’ll give the short story to my newsletter subscribers for free. About six years ago, Karin Tabke and I co-wrote a fun mystery. We still love it and plan on self-publishing it in November.

I have something extra planned that should be fun, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. On the TV front, I’m hooked on the new show Revenge, and I’m disappointed in this seasons Project Runway contestants. But I still love Tim Gunn and Heidi. For the most part I limit myself to one show a night. Sometimes no shows. What have you been doing?

Sep 222011

Lori Brighton and I are at Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell talking about our stories in entangled and future books. We’re giving away 4 books: 2 of Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology; 1 Galaxy Girls; 1 To Seduce an Earl. Comment and get a chance to win!

If you have time, check out this double review of Entangled. It’s fun to see how subjective this is. They don’t always have the same opinion. They both liked my story, though. Lis said, “It’s an awesome story with a surprising ending.” Blodeuedd said, “What a cute story about Tory and her adopted cat Samson.” I love “awesome,” but I’ll take “cute.”

I got a fantastic review for Galaxy Girls yesterday, at Lilac Wolf and Stuff. “I have to add Edie Ramer to my growing list of fabulous authors that are writing stories better than you find on the New York Best Seller List.” It was a fabulous way to start the day!

You also have a chance to win Galaxy Girls and books by other writers at Small Blogs, Big Giveaways. It’s open through the 23rd. So, go forth and win!

Sep 162011

Reading Romances is hosting a fun giveaway event, with many prizes including gift cards! Laurie from Laurie’s Interviews let me be in on it. I’m giving away two e-copies of my books. One of Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology, with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And one of my sci fi/paranormal romance Galaxy Girls.

Here’s the short blurb for Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology:

Ghosts, vampires, demons, and more! Entangled includes ten suspense-filled paranormal short stories from authors Cynthia Eden, Jennifer Estep, Edie Ramer, Lori Brighton, Michelle Diener, Misty Evans, Nancy Haddock, Liz Kreger, Dale Mayer, and Michelle Miles, plus a Seven Deadly Sins novella by Allison Brennan.

Stacia Kane contributed the foreword. Formatting and cover art were also donated to the project by Lori Devoti and Laura Morrigan.

I’m also giving away my sci fi/paranormal romance Galaxy Girls. It’s a mix of fun with serious stuff that matters. I call it my homage to the Gilmore Girls – if they came from another planet and used pheromones as weapons. (Wouldn’t that be cool to do?)

Genetically created to be broodmares, Phyrne Galaxy and her mother, aunt and cousin don’t need men, they need freedom. They escaped from the warring planet of Kergeron to Earth, where Phyrne’s aunt’s vision of winning money in a New Jersey casino comes true. Too bad her aunt’s precog didn’t show the hoods waiting outside with guns. But Phyrne has her own weapon, more powerful than bullets. She’s ovulating.

Phyrne turns up the heat, taking out more than the crooks in her wave of sexual torture. FBI Special Agent Hawk Higgens, running to protect the women, is brought to his knees, too. Caught in her procreative spell, Phyrne ravishes Hawk.

Being seduced by an alien and left half naked and unconscious in the back of a surveillance van changes Hawk’s life. He joins the Foundation, a privately funded agency that hunts aliens. Six years later, the reason for his career change pops back on the radar in a tea shop in Kentucky. The woman whose face still haunts his dreams has an addition to her family – a five-year-four-month-old daughter.

At the same time, two Kergeron warriors are sent to Earth to bring the women back to their home planet. With an ex-FBI agent and two alien warriors on her trail, Phyrne’s calm life running the Tea & Comfort shop is about to get shaken, stirred and screwed.

Both books have gotten awesome reviews. I’m proud of both of them.

To enter the contest, go here or to Laurie’s place. Scroll down to see the easy-to-fill-out entry form.

Thanks for stopping by! Go enter and win!

Sep 132011

I had an awesome day yesterday! Entangled, a Paranormal Romance was mentioned all over the internet. The Season, RT Book Reviews, and Barbara Vey’s Beyond Her Book Publishers Weekly blog are a few places.

Cynthia Eden had a HUGE DOUBLE RELEASE PARTY for Entangled and for her new e-novella Bound in Darkness. She has tons of giveaways, with many guest authors. I’m giving away Cattitude and Galaxy Girls. I asked the age-old question “If you could be an animal, which one would you like to be?” Someone said a unicorn, which I loved. Big cats seem to be the favorite. The contest is still good until noon today (the 13th). So, go and comment on my post and any others.

I’m giving away an e-copy of Entangled at Magical Musings, too. I’m announcing the winner tomorrow, so you have until then to comment and have a chance to win.

Entangled is on two bestselling lists already. I am so frickin’ excited!