Dec 282012

MIRACLE PIE combines three of my loves: a cute dog, pies and people’s stories. And in the center of it is a love story and a miracle that really does take a village. All of this in 65,000 words. (I definitely abide by Elmore Leonard’s writing rule to “leave out the part that readers tend to skip.” Even so, my CP Michelle Diener, who is the master of that rule, still found places I needed to cut.)

You can read the excerpt and description here.

I love all my Miracle Interrupted books, but this is my favorite so far. I’m blogging at Magical Musings on Monday, New Year’s Eve Day, and I’ll be giving away an ecopy of MIRACLE PIE and more surprise giveaways. I hope you’ll stop off. Right now, STARDUST MIRACLE is the only book available in print. In January, I’ll putting the other three Miracle Interrupted books in print, too.

My other end of the year news is that Amazon Kindle matched the free price of STARDUST MIRACLE. It has a lot of downloads, and I’m happy because that’s more people who will be introduced to my magical realism series.

So that’s what I’m excited about. What about you?

Jan 012012

I’m starting off 2012 by giving away my favorite book, CATTITUDE. It’s FREE on Kindle for 3 days, Jan. 1st through Jan. 3rd.

This is my first free experiment. It will be interesting to see what will happen. And it will be interesting to see if the free downloads transfer into sales. Cattitude is a “feel good” book. It has great reviews – 42 with a 4.5 star average. A lot of reviewers used the word “love.” I’m sure this experiment won’t hurt, and I’m happy that even more people will be reading about Belle and her cat attitude.

I hope your beginning of 2012 will be interesting, too. My wish for you is a healthy, prosperous and fun 2012!