Done – but not actually!

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Aug 062014

I love the word Done. But it’s actually never done. I’m writing a stand-alone sequel to Dragon Blues. It’s titled Dragon Mama Blues. It was one of those stories that gave me a lot of trouble. I did two extensive revisions. Last night I sent it to my editor. At this point, I can’t tell if it’s good enough. I’ve read it too many times in a row, and when I do that, it’s hard to see the full picture. I’m waiting for my editor’s thoughts. (Amy Knupp at Blue Otter Editing, if you’re interested – and she’s fabulous!)

Today, I’m catching up on various non-writing stuff, plus I’m thinking of my next project. What are you doing? Anything you love?

Aug 272012

I hope this is the beginning of a fabulous week for everyone! My prayers go out to everyone in the North Gulf Coast that you and your loved ones will be okay.

At Magical Musings today, I’m talking about kids and pets in books, and I’m giving away an ecopy of either STARDUST MIRACLE, DRAGON BLUES or CATTITUDE to a commenter. Tomorrow I’m a guest at Mary Hughes’ blog, where I’m giving away a copy of STARDUST MIRACLE to a commenter. I’m announcing the winner of The Magical Musings giveaway on Friday. I’m not sure when Mary will announce the winner on her blog.

So go forth and win!

Jan 192012

I went a little mad this week and put two books free on Kindle for two days: Jan. 19 and 20

Karin Tabke and I had talked about putting YOU’VE GOT MURDER for free this week but hadn’t confirmed it. Then I realized that Chinese New Year is next Monday, and it’s the Year of the Dragon. Of course I had to do something special for DRAGON BLUES. I decided to put that up for free. Since the two books are so different, I thought they might get more cross-downloaders than usual if we put them up at the same time. I emailed Karin and said I could do them together or next week, and she told me to go for the double hitter.

If you’re not familiar with the books, DRAGON BLUES is a gritty paranormal suspense with a hot romance. YOU’VE GOT MURDER is wickedly humorous mystery told in emails, IMs, texts and even a chat room. Already a LOT of books have been downloaded. Because YOU’VE GOT MURDER is so different from the books Karin and I usually write, it hasn’t gotten the love we think it deserves. I hope this brings it to the attention of a lot of readers. And of course I want people to read about my soulful dragon-man (as one reviewer called him).

More news! GALAXY GIRLS made the 2011 Reviewer’s Choice List at Paranormal Romance Guide as one of the Best Reads of 2011. I’m honored.

All in all, I’m having a great start to 2012. Now, if I could only add a few more hours to each day, it would be very amazing.

How is your 2012 working so far?

Galaxy Girls was a Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Award for Best Reads of 2011 (along with other books chosen by other reviewers). I'm thrilled that the reviewer chose Galaxy Girls. It's an honor to be on a best of the year list.
Aug 102011

Yesterday was proof that bad things come in 3s. They were irritating bad things – starting with my internet connection not connecting – and not tragedies. (After two hours, I did get online.) Good things happened, too, and I’m all about good things. DRAGON BLUES is featured in the September issue of RT Book Reviews! It’s on page 23, and it looks gorgeous! It’s under What’s HOT This Month in Self-Publishing. They mention DEAD PEOPLE, too, which finalled in the RT-sponsored American Title V contest.

Even more exciting things are on their way, as you can see by this fantastic cover by Laura Morrigan.

Cynthia Eden talks about it on her blog, and has an excerpt from her story. Later, I’ll blog about it and put up an excerpt from my story, The Fat Cat.

So, that’s two exciting things. I’m waiting for the third.

Anything exciting in your life lately?

Jun 012011

Not me, actually, though I like to think I have my sizzling moments. DRAGON BLUES is part of The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Event! They have prizes, including a $50 Amazon gift card and much more. I’m giving away a copy of DRAGON BLUES. There are questions to be answered, which are easy to find. The answer for mine is in DRAGON BLUE’s blurb. But I’ll make it even easier. Lila killed 2 men before she meets the saxophone-playing, former dragon hero.

The event lasts through July, with more authors and giveaways. A question about DRAGON BLUES will be featured at TRR on June 9th and the 21st, too. On the 22nd, I’ll be chatting there. It should be fun.

I hope I’m sizzling this weekend, too. The Love is Brewing in Milwaukee conference starts on Friday and ends Sunday. I’m part of the conference committee and am in charge of the goody table. I was helping pack conference bags last Thursday, so I can tell you there are lots of goodies. I’ll be signing, too! Jody Allen is giving away a Kindle, and other ebook writers and I will give away ebooks to the winner. Anyone interested has to collect our autographs. The awesome Liz Kreger printed out trifolds that I made, using templates from trifolds she and Misty Evans sent me. I really like trifolds. They have room for excerpts, which are a great selling tool.

If you can make it to Wisconsin, you can still sign up! We have fabulous speakers: bestselling authors, plus editors and agents. The price is reasonable, and I’d love to see you. Besides Jody’s Kindle, 12 other writers and I are giving away the 3G Kindle. We’re donating a Cuddle with Kindle basket that also includes a Snuggie, wine, stuffed animals and more. I’m putting all my raffle tickets in it.

Are you sizzling about anything this summer?

Apr 242011

I’m at book blogger Laurie’s Interviews & Guest blogs with an interview and a giveaway. If you get a chance, stop by and say hi.

I like Laurie and her place. Her insightful questions made me realize my books have a resurrection theme. Very fitting for an Easter Sunday post. This started with Cattitude, with the cat and the psychic changing bodies. The theme was more subtle in Dead People. Back in full force in Dragon Blues, with a dragon who’s changed into a man. And in the book, he’s changing again. In my current wip, Joe the ghost is going through his own resurrection. Since I write paranormal romances, the objects of the heroes/heroines’ affections are going through their own resurrections, though not as dramatic. Except perhaps the heroine in Dragon Blues.

I’ve gone through a resurrection lately, becoming an indie writer. What about you? Are you going through a resurrection? If you’re not, what have your witnessed or read lately that impressed you!

Mar 062011

From my latest paranormal romance DRAGON BLUES:

The beast in him didn’t want to let her in. But somewhere during the last two thousand years, the human in him had learned pity. The unwanted emotion stole into him, like pebbles stole into walking shoes. Unable to disregard it any more than he could peel off this smooth human skin, he backed up to the metal door and gestured her inside.

She choked out a sob of relief and limped into the hallway. “Thank you, thank you.”

Read a longer excerpt here. Or download an even longer free sample from Amazon, AmazonUK, Barnes&Noble, or Smashwords.

Check out more Six Sunday participants and find terrific writers.

Another excerpt and how to create covers

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Feb 282011

Karen Cantwell (she of Kindle best-seller fame with her humorous mystery TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN) has posted an evocative excerpt from DRAGON BLUES on Fiction for Dessert. At least, I hope it’s evocative. Stop off if you get a chance and let me know if you agree.

Are you interested in creating book covers? Laura Morrigan, the genius who created all my covers, is at the How To Write Shop with a book cover creation breakdown. She uses DRAGON BLUES as an example. She makes it look simple, but I know it’s not. If you know someone who designs their own covers, do them a favor and tell them to check it out.

I’ll be back tomorrow with news about another friend. I have to do taxes today. Not fun. How is your Monday stacking up?

You’re invited to chat with me at Romance University

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Feb 242011

I’ll be quick so I won’t interrupt your excerpt reading for too long. I’ll be in a chat room with the Romance University ladies this evening (Thursday) between 8-9pm CST. You can find the chat room link at Romance University tonight. If you have a few minutes, stop in a say hi. Ask me a question about writing or dragons or ghosts or cats. Or anything you’d like.

In the meantime, RU has posted a new excerpt from DRAGON BLUES. It’s a vulnerable and dramatic moment for the heroine. I like it and thought readers would like it.

I hope I’ll see you at the chat room tonight!

Feb 212011

5 stars! “Edie is brilliant! I love her snarky characters, the humor, the sex, the incredible story and the perfect narration she is able to spin into a single novel. I was on the edge of my seat while savoring another Ramer masterpiece! This comes highly recommended!” – Aimee Coffee Table Press

Once a dragon…

Saxophone player Noah Long shifted from dragon to human 2500 years ago, but the dragon blood still coursing through his veins has kept him healthy and virile. Now his secret is out, and the man who discovered it will do anything to make Noah’s blood his own. Noah’s only ally is martial arts expert Lila Fox, who heats up the fire in his belly…and his heart.

Twice a killer…

Lila Fox’s first kill was at age sixteen after her stepfather put her mother in a wheelchair. Fourteen years later, she kills another abuser to save a woman’s life. When the man who wants Noah’s blood kills her sister, she can’t let the death go unanswered. She teams up with the strangely compelling Noah, and discovers he’s not all man and has a few tricks of his own.

Normally he moved at a deliberate, almost stately pace, a leftover from his original claw-footed body, but now he ran down the steps. The buzzer droned again. He reached the first floor and turned to the shop. It was already dark out, but the streetlights were on, as were the bars and the cars. His place was never completely dark.

He’d adjusted well. No one would suspect he’d been born in a cave.

Through the glass door, he saw a blond woman, getting an impression of competence and self-confidence. He unbolted all three locks and swung the door open. The woman on the other side took him in with one long look from her brown eyes.

He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She took his words away. She looked as if she’d stepped out of the pages of a comic book. Tall and strong, with her head held high. Standing on the balls of her feet, ready to attack or feint to the side, whichever was called for. A warrior woman. A goddess. The one they named the huntress.

“Where’s Izzy?” she asked.

“You’re her sister?” His tongue moved slower than normal. He’d heard humans talking about having their lower gums anesthetized as part of a dental process, their tongues numbed, too. That’s how his tongue felt. Frozen and too big for his mouth. “You don’t look alike.”

“We’re half sisters. She takes after our mother. I take after my father. Are you inviting me in?” Her eyebrows rose. Clearly not impressed.

Before he could force words from his mouth or his feet to step back to allow her into his shop, she turned her body toward the street, a prelude to leaving. “Is she gone already?”

He hadn’t been afraid of much for the last two thousand years, but he felt a pang of anxiety. Without thought, he grabbed her arm.

Her breath hissed. She glanced down at his hand, his long fingers curved over her blue jacket sleeve. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her right hand lift up, held sideways, like a slicing knife.

“Let me go or I’ll hurt you.”

As he released her, something strange happened. It crept into his stomach and slithered up his throat, then burst out of his mouth in an eruption of laughter. Loud and boisterous and happy laughter made him lightheaded with glee and sapped the strength from his legs. As he leaned against the doorjamb to hold himself up, he realized laughter weakened a man.

He continued laughing and didn’t care. Not a twinge. This new feeling was euphoric. Blissful.

Lila Fox watched him with no emotion on her face as he acted the fool. Men and women dressed for night clubbing slowed on the sidewalk to stare at him. In their faces, he saw them wonder what the joke was. He couldn’t tell them he was delighted by her bravery and her self-assurance. Couldn’t tell them her certainty that she could hurt him filled him with joy.

His stomach hurt. He was using muscles he hadn’t realized he possessed. The knowledge sobered him and his laughter stuttered to an end. But the bliss lingered inside him, like a note that hummed in the air after the music stopped.

Stepping back, he gestured her into the shop. She leaned down and grabbed a carry-on, a duffle bag strapped to its top. Her oversized purse swinging at her right hip, she brushed past him, her shoulders unbowed, and took a sweeping glance around.

It seemed to him that she saw everything, though he knew it was impossible. A normal human couldn’t see that fast and in the half light.

A meow sounded at her feet.

He peered down at Mystic, who rubbed the side of her face on the jean-clad legs of Izzy’s warrior sister. Mystic reminded him of the beast he once was. A smaller version, without wings and scales, but she had the claws and the attitude.

“A black cat. My favorite.” Lila Fox shoved the giant-sized purse behind her hip and scooted down to rub her fingertips along Mystic’s jaw. Mystic purred, a sound Noah had been trying to duplicate with his soprano sax since he took her in five years ago, and so far not getting it. Almost. Just out of reach for him, like laughter.

He’d been amused before. He’d smiled. He’d even chuckled a few times. But until today he’d never laughed all the way up from his belly and vibrating down to the soles of his feet.

As he watched Lila and Mystic, the two seemed to meld together, woman and cat. One entity. Then she straightened and Mystic swayed away, her tail high. Lila looked into his eyes, her mouth set in determination.

“Where is she?”

“Lila!” The shout came from behind him. “What are you doing here?”

He turned. Izzy stood just inside the shop, the hall door open, the blanket wrapped around her shoulders and dragging on the floor.

Her gaze flickered from Lila to him. “You brought her! How did you—” She gasped and pointed a finger at him, her hand shaking. “My cell phone! You found her number and you called her. You can’t do that. That’s illegal.”

Lila dropped her purse on the floor and swept past him toward her sister. “Aren’t you going to say hi?”

Noah stepped to the side, giving him a three-quarter view of the sister’s face and one-quarter of Izzy’s.

“Why the hell should I?” Izzy crossed her arms over her chest, a truculent look on her face, more suited to a six-year-old than a woman in her early twenties. “You only came to say ‘I told you so.’”

Lila gave her a crooked smile, one side up and one down, her brown eyes sad. “Still the drama queen. Sweetie, you should’ve been an actress.”

“Damn you, damn you, damn you.” Izzy uncrossed her arms and her index finger jabbed the air with every “damn.”

Lila’s mouth twisted, her eyes sadder and darker. “Don’t worry about it, I’m already damned.”

Buy the book: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords

Edie will be giving away an e-copy of either DRAGON BLUES, DEAD PEOPLE or CATTITUDE to 5 commenters. Comment on all 26 DRAGON BLUES Release Party excerpts for a chance to win more free books! Winners will be announced on Monday, Feb. 28. If you’d like to look at the schedule of events , click here.