New Release! Do-Over Love & Murder

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May 122017

This is my new release week – which collides with my getting-ready-to-move-across-country week. (We’re leaving at the end of the month – a little more than two weeks.) I hope you enjoy the book and will want to read it – and to leave an honest review. Here’s the book and the links:

Hailey is the careful one. The sensible one. And now she’s the one in trouble about to go into the Witness Protection Program.

When Hailey does something, she does it properly. So when she picks the wrong man to have an affair with, he’s really wrong. Organized crime wrong. Now she, her mom, and her baby are adjusting to life in the small town of Trouble Bay, Wisconsin, where the streets are quiet in winter and loud with tourists in the summer. Not a place where the mafia would think to look for her. She feels safe, but someone took her control away once, and she’s not going to let it happen again.

And then there’s the man next door and their disturbing first encounter…

Wounded physically and emotionally, US Army Sergeant Wes Harding fights to attain peace of mind, which might be the best – or the least – that he can hope for. 

Soon after Wes loses half of his left leg in a botched military mission, he loses his fiancée, who can’t live with his injuries. He tells himself he’s lucky to have a therapy dog and a prosthetic leg. His uncle, too, who insists that Wes stay in his home in the town of Trouble Bay, Wisconsin.

Wes suspects his new neighbor isn’t telling the truth about where she came from. He’s getting his own life together, and he’s not about to intrude on hers. But she’s impossible to avoid and more impossible to ignore. He knows she has secrets, and he wonders how dangerous they may be…

This is a new life for both Hailey and Wes. Anything can happen – for the good or the bad.



Buy the book: Amazon | iBooks | BN | Kobo | GoogleBooks  (Print book coming soon!)

You can read the first chapter here! I hope you read it and enjoy it!