Win the top 20 best pet books

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Sep 232015

I’m thrilled that CATTITUDE, the first book I published, is one of the top 20 pet books. CATTITUDE was the first book I published, and I loved that book. Loved the attitude of the cat. Loved the woman she turned into. Loved the cat the original woman turned into. Loved the hero, his sister, his brother… Loved so much about it, and I’m happy it’s staying in that top 20.

The collage of the top 20 is below, and you can hop over to Vanessa Morgan’s blog to find out the details that will give you the chance to win all these lovely books about pets. And there are some great ones!



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Jan 082014

I’m so pleased. I priced my two short stories, “The Fat Cat” and “Dead People in Love”, free at every etailer except Amazon and Barnes & Noble, which don’t allow authors to price books lower than 99 cents. But Amazon has price-matched both stories now. Yay! (If you have a Nook, you should be able to get them from Kobo or Smashwords; B&N doesn’t price-match. Sorry.)

I plan on leaving them perma-free. It’s likely that sometime Amazon will take one or both off free and then put it on again, but right now, they’re free and I’m happy. 🙂

The blurbs are below. Click on the cover image and it will take you to the Amazon page; if you’d like a different store, click here for The Fat Cat, and here for Dead People in Love:

The Fat Cat 133x200_72dpi

Tory’s not a conventional witch…

Her life has turned upside down. A cat is talking to her. Her ex disapproves of her. And a sociopath who calls himself a magic man has stolen the souls of seven woman—including one of her best friends.

He’s a soul eater…

And Tory is his next target. He has the god of war on his side. She has something on her side, too: an old, flatulent and fat black cat.

**THE FAT CAT is a short paranormal romance-approximately 10,000 words. It was originally published in the 2011 charity anthology, ENTANGLED.**

dPIL 133x200

Some people will do anything for the perfect address…

Ghost therapist Cassie Taylor is hired to get rid of a ghost haunting an upscale Chicago condo. But the elderly resident doesn’t want her gentlemanly apparition to leave. She loves him and he loves her.

Too bad her grandson and his fiancée insist either the ghost goes – or she goes.

Too bad she’d signed the deed to the condo to her grandson to help him avoid inheritance taxes.

Too bad the fiancée has plans of her own.

Throw in a pretty neighbor, a dirty family scandal, and Cassie’s very new, very sexy and sometimes very grumpy husband, and anything can happen…even murder.

**This Haunted Hearts short story is a stand-alone sequel to Dead People. It’s approximately 12,000 words.**


Have a wonderful January! No matter how crazy the weather is.

More good news!

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Oct 252013

reviewertoppick2I got another Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews! This one is for Cattitude, my first book that I published. It’s a special book for me because of that, and because it was so different and fun to write. We don’t talk about reviewers that much, but I’d like to give Delanna 5 stars for her well-written review. Here’s how she starts it:

cattitude 133x22

This book is for all the cat owners who have ever looked at their cats and wondered, “What is that cat thinking?” Here is your chance to find out.

And then, near the end:

I loved reading Cattitude. Edie Ramer is a wonderful author that always brings a smile to my face and a life to my spirit when I read one of her books, and this one is no exception.

Banquet-of-Lies-New-200x315Other news is that the Romance Super Bundle is still going strong! It’s #133 in Kindle paid books overall! I’m so pleased. It’s a great bargain, with 10 full-sized books for only 99 cents.

Last bit of news is that Michelle Diener’s Banquet of Lies is available. I ordered it from Amazon in print. Some books I just like to hold, and this is one of them. I love her writing, and she’s already getting rave reviews. 🙂

This is a busy weekend for us, but I still plan on writing. I need to find out when we’re having Trick or Treat in our village, too. No Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. I love them too much and can’t trust myself around them. What can’t you trust yourself around?

Huge sale! Over 150 Books at 99 Cents! $400 in Gift Cards!

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Apr 302013

bouquet-sale-button[4]I’m participating in a super big sale! My temporarily priced 99¢ books are MIRACLE PIE and CATTITUDE. Here’s more about the sale:

Introducing the Book Lovers Buffet. Load up, you won’t gain a pound!

The Buffet’s “Bouquet of Books” sale will be open May 1-3. More than 175 ebooks, all reduced in price to just 99 cents. Save in categories such as Contemporary (MIRACLE PIE), Paranormal (CATTITUDE), Young Adult, Suspense, Erotic Romance, and more!

Visit the website to win gift cards to your choice of online retailers. $400 in gift cards up for grabs!

Titles from popular authors such as:

  • Gemma Halliday
  • Angie Fox
  • Jenna Bennett
  • Amanda Brice
  • Jennette Marie Powell
  • Clover Autrey
  • Carly Carson
  • E. Ayers
  • Genevieve Jourdin
  • CJ Lyons
  • Renee Pace
  • Sophia Knightley
  • Tori Scott
  • Meredith Bond
  • Emily Ryan-Davis
  • Anthea Lawson
  • Diana Layne
  • Lindsey Brookes
  • Gina Robinson
  • McKenna Chase

And many, many more!

Check it out! And don’t forget to enter the contests! If I weren’t part of the 3-day sale, I’d enter!


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Apr 262013

cattitude 133x22I’m at Avalon-Lion’s wonderful cat blog and am giving away a digital copy of CATTITUDE to a commenter. I’m hearing about a lot of cats and a couple of dogs. I’m having fun. But you can comment even if you don’t have a cat or dog. I love some of the cat names mentioned, and they just might turn up in my next book.

The giveaway doesn’t end until April 30th, so you have time to enter. If you read Cattitude already, you can gift it to a friend. Or if you want one of my other books instead, I can do that.

I’m 1/3 of the way through my first draft of my next book. It has cats and dogs in it, as well as the main characters. I had to research cat furniture for this book, which I enjoyed doing. So now I’m onto the next 1/3.

I’m going to Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon tomorrow. If any of you are going, come up and say hi!

Almost Ready & Giveaway Alert!

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Apr 162013

mo's heart 252x370 72dpiFirst, I’m doing a giveaway at Jennifer Estep’s blog of MIRACLE PIE and CATTITUDE. Comment and win something!

Second, MO’S HEART will be out soon! It’s one of my top three favorite books that I’ve written. I’m very proud of it. I plan on selling it for only 99 cents for the first week. After that, I’ll raise the price to $3.99.

The next time I post, I’ll have more news about MO’S HEART!

Aug 272012

I hope this is the beginning of a fabulous week for everyone! My prayers go out to everyone in the North Gulf Coast that you and your loved ones will be okay.

At Magical Musings today, I’m talking about kids and pets in books, and I’m giving away an ecopy of either STARDUST MIRACLE, DRAGON BLUES or CATTITUDE to a commenter. Tomorrow I’m a guest at Mary Hughes’ blog, where I’m giving away a copy of STARDUST MIRACLE to a commenter. I’m announcing the winner of The Magical Musings giveaway on Friday. I’m not sure when Mary will announce the winner on her blog.

So go forth and win!

Jan 012012

I’m starting off 2012 by giving away my favorite book, CATTITUDE. It’s FREE on Kindle for 3 days, Jan. 1st through Jan. 3rd.

This is my first free experiment. It will be interesting to see what will happen. And it will be interesting to see if the free downloads transfer into sales. Cattitude is a “feel good” book. It has great reviews – 42 with a 4.5 star average. A lot of reviewers used the word “love.” I’m sure this experiment won’t hurt, and I’m happy that even more people will be reading about Belle and her cat attitude.

I hope your beginning of 2012 will be interesting, too. My wish for you is a healthy, prosperous and fun 2012!

Oct 302011

I’m interrupting the ghost story blogs to share fun news. I found out both of these by accident. Cattitude is #13 on an Indie Books – Paranormal Fiction list of favorites. It’s the first story I put up, and it’s still one of my favs. I’m glad other people feel the same way. Yay, for cat lovers! (Though I’ve gotten emails and reviews by readers who say they aren’t crazy about cats but they loved Cattitude book.)

I found out about Wattpad a couple months ago from author Trish McCallan, who writes hot  romantic suspense. Wattpad is a huge, online community where you can share your stories as you write them. Or, in my case, after I publish them. I’m posting 3 scenes a week. Before Trish published Forged in Fire, she posted excerpts on Wattpad and built up a following who were eager to buy the book when it came out. I finally joined a couple of weeks ago, putting up Galaxy Girls first and then Dead People. I found out that Galaxy Girls has been on the Hot list for paranormal-> science fiction stories since I posted the first scene. Right now, it’s #2 on the list. This is a happy surprise.


Sep 132011

I had an awesome day yesterday! Entangled, a Paranormal Romance was mentioned all over the internet. The Season, RT Book Reviews, and Barbara Vey’s Beyond Her Book Publishers Weekly blog are a few places.

Cynthia Eden had a HUGE DOUBLE RELEASE PARTY for Entangled and for her new e-novella Bound in Darkness. She has tons of giveaways, with many guest authors. I’m giving away Cattitude and Galaxy Girls. I asked the age-old question “If you could be an animal, which one would you like to be?” Someone said a unicorn, which I loved. Big cats seem to be the favorite. The contest is still good until noon today (the 13th). So, go and comment on my post and any others.

I’m giving away an e-copy of Entangled at Magical Musings, too. I’m announcing the winner tomorrow, so you have until then to comment and have a chance to win.

Entangled is on two bestselling lists already. I am so frickin’ excited!