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She’s a cat on a mission…

Only two years old, Cat is tired of being sent to stay with humans who don’t appreciate her. She escapes the latest mismatch, deciding this time she’ll choose who she stays with, not the other way round. But finding the perfect home is more dangerous than she thought, and for Cat, food and shelter are no longer enough. They must worship her.


A new sound interrupted Cat’s thoughts. She turned her head and spotted a cat prancing toward her. A female, Cat could tell right away. Her face was white and her body striped. Her eyes, outlined in black, looked funny. They popped out the way some dogs’ eyes did and they made her look like she wanted to eat any animal that got in her way.

And her gaze remained on Cat as she continued to stalk forward.

A sour scent came to Cat, and the fur along her spine rose. She got to her feet, not taking her gaze off the other cat with the bad scent. A fighting scent.

The smell twisted Cat’s stomach and gave her the feeling that in another moment she was going to puke.

The woman’s car started and drove off. Cat felt someone’s stare on her, coming from another direction. She flicked her gaze to Pastor Jim. He was watching her with a smile.

“A cat,” he murmured and his gaze shifted to the other cat. “Lucy, look what’s here for you. A playmate.” He laughed, a smooth sound like a snake sliding through the grass.

More fur on Cat’s back bristled. Even with her injured hip, she could outrun any human. Pastor Jim wasn’t a danger to her now. But the other cat…

Her gaze flicked back to the cat. Its sides were wider now. The cat had expanded her frame and fluffed her fur, making herself look bigger.

Cat hissed, telling her to watch out. The other cat growled. Like a dog. It looked part dog with its ugly whitish face. Not the face of a dog she’d like to curl up against either.

The dog this cat resembled would eat kittens for breakfast.

And it kept advancing.

Though the other cat was bigger and weighed more, Cat was young and she was fast — normally. But not with her injured hip. And because of her hip, she knew she couldn’t fight this cat and win.

Cat’s heart thundered inside her chest. Around her all was silent. Not even a bird chirped or a dog twitched. The other cat just kept walking toward Cat while Pastor Jim watched with that same gloating smile.

A tightness twisted Cat’s stomach, then slithered up her chest and around her throat. She wanted to puke. She’d been in a couple fights and had never run from another cat. She wasn’t running from this one either. Not because she was afraid of looking bad. But if she turned her back on this cat, she knew the other cat would pounce on her and hurt her anyway.

The cat reached the bench, and Pastor Jim leaned down. “Go, Lucy. Go.”

The cat’s whiskers twitched, testing the air to see which way to move. Her muscles bunched as she prepared to spring.

Cat’s did the same. Maybe her back legs weren’t as quick as usual, but her front legs could lash out like lightning.

The cat leapt at her, but when Cat pushed up with her back legs, the injured one crumpled. She yowled. As she shifted her weight onto the good leg, the other cat landed on her back. Cat tried to rear up but her leg hurt too badly to put weight on it.

The other cat yowled, claiming victory. Then its claws lashed at Cat’s ear, ripping it.

Pain flamed through Cat, worse than the pain in her hip. She cried out and rolled away, knocking the other cat off her.

Everything hurt. Cat used her pain to push up to her feet. Used it to jump on the ugly cat. To land on top of her. The other cat twisted to put Cat beneath her.

Though Cat’s ear and hip throbbed with a horrible ache, she resisted. There was something wrong with this other cat. Wrong in its mind. It didn’t want to hurt her a little and drive her away. It wanted to hurt her badly. So badly Cat would never be the same again.

Cat’s stomach was twisting again, but she concentrated on defending herself. She opened her mouth and gave a war cry. Ready to battle, she pushed up with her back legs.

Her sense that it was either kill or be killed lent Cat extra power, and she leapt high. Higher than the older and heavier cat could leap. Instead of trying to jump, the other cat sat up and raised its paw, ready to swipe at Cat on her way down. Though Cat’s reach was shorter, she readied her body to claw the other cat.

“Go, Lucy,” Pastor Jim called, his tone gleeful, sounding like a crow calling other vultures to a road kill. “Go.”

Lucy growled again and Cat’s stomach twisted harder.

And that’s when it happened.

She threw up. The chicken, the fish, the cat food, the water. Everything she had in her stomach emptied out and poured onto the ugly cat’s surprised face.


“Let’s start off with the fact that I loved this book. I think Ms. Ramer has visited my home and interviewed my cats. She must have studied them for quite some time to get a cat’s attitude down so well. Either that or she must live with a cat or two herself.” ~Delanna, Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick!

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