Crazy Sexy Love (Rescued Hearts, Book 3)


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Sam Krushing asked Callie Ryan to marry him when they were four-years-old…and she said yes.

Then he discovered he wasn’t like other kids. He wasn’t good enough for her. Years later, he’s a drummer in a Grammy-winning country band, touring most of the year, at the start of a great career. When he comes home for a week, they can’t resist the pull between them.

She’s a librarian with good friends and a job she enjoys…and a mom who’s not well. Yet she’s never loved a man the way she loved the boy…

And he’s never loved a woman the way he loved the girl… Only now his love is different. A crazy, sexy love.

Her love for him is crazy and sexy, too, but she fears he might break her heart again.

And then there’s his stalker…

Life is crazy, Love is sexy. Forever love is scary.



Chapter One

Twenty-three years ago…

The girl’s laughter was like the best music Sam Krushing had heard in his four and a half years. Walking down the school bus aisle for his third day of four-year-old kindergarten in Eagleton Grade School, he passed two rows of older girls—probably in sixth grade—to get to the girl with the curly blond hair. He’d seen her in the other 4-K classroom at recess and in the cafeteria, but he’d been busy making friends with boys and girls in his classroom and hadn’t paid attention to her.

That was before he’d heard her laugh. If sunlight had a sound, it would be her laughter. It was like sparkles on water, each of them ringing a bell. Sunlight lit up her face and her eyes, too. Hearing her and looking at her, he felt it inside him, like he’d swallowed a piece of the sun.

She was sitting next to a girl, but the seat across the aisle was empty. Instead of heading to the back by his friend Nate, he sat beside a bigger kid, who said, “Hey, that seat is saved.”

The bus started with a small jerk, and Sam ignored the bigger kid whose voice was a buzz in his ear. He leaned his head into the aisle.

“I’m Sam,” he said. “What’s your name?”

The girl was facing away from him, but her friend poked her and pointed at him. The girl swiveled to face him, her yellow curls bouncing.

“I’m Sam,” he said again, in case she hadn’t heard him the first time. “What’s your name?”


“I’m in Mrs. Green’s class.” He beamed at her. Her voice was almost as wonderful as her laugh.

“I’m in Miss Sanderson’s class. I saw you at recess. On the playground.”

“Did you see me on the ropes? I got almost all the way across the bars yesterday.”

Two girls behind him giggled. The boy next to him groaned. Callie shook her head.

“You can watch me today at recess,” he said.


Now everyone around them was giggling, except the boy next to him, who was groaning again. Sam even heard the deeper chuckles of the lady bus driver whose laugh reminded him of his grandma’s.

The girl next to Callie was tugging on the short sleeve of her yellow top. Callie smiled at him then turned to her friend, who whispered something to Callie.

Sam sat back, so happy. The way he felt after riding on the back of his dad’s motorcycle, just going down the block and hanging on really tight, though his dad was driving really slow. And then later, when his dad let him bang on the drums at his parent’s bar, his dad telling everyone he was going to be a rock star.

This feeling was almost better than playing the drums.

“Dude, you gotta play hard to get,” the kid next to him said.

“Leave him be,” an older girl behind him said. “I think it’s cute.”

“Oh yeah?” The kid turned his head. “The little twerp’s gotta know that the more you ignore girls, the more they like you.”

“Yeah? Who’s going to watch you play on the ropes at recess?”

“You are.”

The girl snorted, and her friend made a noise like a mouth fart.

Then Callie laughed again, and Sam sat back in his seat, facing forward, smiling at the most wonderful sound in the world. And he was going to see her at recess.

His mom was right. School was the best thing in the world ever.


“I have a boyfriend.” Callie dropped her backpack on the chair then jumped up and down in their kitchen with all the white cupboards and the white refrigerator and oven, and the light blue walls.

Her mom turned from the stove and looked at her with her eyes big. Like she’d seen a bug on Callie’s forehead. “Really? How did that happen?”

“He asked me at recess, and I said yes.” Callie smiled, feeling the stretch in her cheeks. “I like him. At recess, he made it all the way across the bars. And he plays drums, too.”

“Well…athletic and musical.” Her mom bent to look in Callie’s face, her eyes the same blue as Callie’s, her hair a darker color. “He sounds very impressive.”

Callie nodded, not sure what impressive meant, but it sounded like a good word. Her mom used to be a teacher, and she knew a lot of good words. “He’s handsome, too. All the girls say so.”

“Well, handsome is always a bonus.”

Callie nodded again. “But I’m not going to smell his butt.”

Her mom straightened, her eyebrows winging up. “What?”

“Like dogs do, Mom.” Callie frowned. “Cats, too. I’ve seen ’em”

“I’m glad you came to that decision. There’s a reason we’re not dogs and cats. We don’t sleep on the floor, do we? Or kneel on the floor and use our tongue to drink water.”

Giggling, Callie shook her head. “I know, Mom. But Amy and Danny did it. Amy said it was icky.”

“It sounds very icky. You don’t show boys the parts you go potty with, okay?”

Her mom had her sick face on, and Callie quickly shook her head. “I won’t.”

“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” The sick face went away, her mom smiling again.

Immediately, Callie felt lighter, the tightness in her tummy loosening. “It’s Sam. Sam Krushing.”

“I know who he is. Brenda and Roger’s son.” Her mom laughed, and Callie knew she had the prettiest mom in the world. “He really does play the drums. Your dad and I saw him last month at their bar.”

“Take me, Mom.” Callie jumped up and down. “I want to see him play.”

Her mom groaned and sagged into a kitchen table chair. “Oh God. You’re too young for this.”

“I’m not, Mom, I’m not! I’m in school now.”

“You’re like a whirlwind. No wonder I’m so tired all the time.” She put her elbow on the table, her hand up to hold her head that sagged into it.

“Because of me?” Callie’s voice creaked, and she felt herself grow small, her shoulders hunching. “I won’t be a wind. I promise. And you don’t have to take me to see Sam.”

“Oh, baby.” Her mom slowly lifted her head then reached out for Callie, who rushed into her embrace. Her mom bent over her, cocooning her in a giant hug while Callie held on to her tightly.

“Sweetie, it’s nothing to do with you. It’s just that time of the month.” She smoothed her hand over Callie’s hair then let her go. Callie stepped back as her mom flattened her hands on the table to push up to her feet.

“What time of month is it?” Callie frowned. “I don’t like that time.”

“Never mind. That’s something you won’t have to worry about for a long time.” She smiled. “And someday soon, your dad and I will take you to watch your boyfriend play his drums.”

Callie squealed and clasped her arms around her mom as high as she could, leaning her head against her hip. Still holding on to her, she lifted her head. “I love you, Mom. More than any boy. Ever, ever never.”

Her mom laughed, but there was a catch in her voice. “Oh, honey, never say never.”

“Okay, I’ll never say never.” They laughed together, then Callie ran off and her laughter stopped. She felt a small frown pull on her forehead as she wished her mom’s time of the month would go away and not come back. Never, never, ever.


“Crazy, Sexy Love is a romance with a touch of suspense (just enough to make the reader a bit nervous!) and characters you won’t want to leave! I highly recommend Crazy, Sexy Love to any romance reader.” ~Peaces of Me

“Edie Ramer takes each reader on a journey that will touch their hearts forever… Using humor and a witty dialog Ms Ramer never fails to deliver a book that pulls at your heart, puts a smile on your face and has you reading it over again just because you remember the fun you had the last time you read it.” ~Night Owl Top Romance, Top Pick

“This is a touching book that mixes hometown nostalgia with the sweet innocence of first love… Readers will root for these characters as they navigate the winding road toward a ‘crazy, sexy love.’” ~InD’tale

“The third book in the Rescued Hearts series by Edie Ramer was just as wonderful as my introduction to her writing with the second in the series. Using a curious mix of animal POV and characters who are bruised but ever-searching, the sweetness and heart in this story just shine through.” ~Gaele, The Jeep Diva

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