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Harry Moseley, the boy who raised over £500,000 for Cancer Research UK, is no longer with us – but his legacy lives on.

“Britain’s Kindest Kid”, Harry was more than a nice kid with a big heart; he was a real life hero. A hero with an inoperable brain tumor who tragically lost his battle with cancer at the much-too-young age of 11.

Harry’s, “Help Harry Help Others” campaign continues his fundraising work in hopes that one day soon, there will be a cure for brain tumors. Joining Harry’s quest for research funds are an amazing group of romance writers, along with a wonderful cover artist, who have put together an inspiring anthology to raise money for Cancer Research UK, in memory of Harry Moseley.

“Author Moments II” is a collection of essays written by these talented writers. From the New York Times bestselling lists to the writer who is just beginning their quest, you will find this anthology filled with generous writing advice and anecdotes. It won’t matter where you are on your road to publication or even in your life journey, Author Moments II will fill you with love, laughter and a renewed hope that all things are possible when you care enough to come together and make a difference.

Like real life hero, Harry Moseley.

The Authors Helping Harry invite you to pitch in with them to help find a cure simply by purchasing a copy of this wonderful anthology.

*As a bonus, each author has included an excerpt from one of their current, or upcoming, releases.

Excerpt from my essay, Fighting Back

I was originally going to write about how I empowered myself by becoming an indie author. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Harry and how he worked to raise money for Cancer Research UK. By doing so, he was taking back some of his power. This was his way of fighting cancer.

I ’m a breast cancer survivor, and I know how it feels to want to fight this disease. A writer friend is another survivor. I’ve been cancer free for eleven years, but my friend’s cancer recurred—and recurred and recurred and recurred… She’s been fighting it these last eight or nine years. Really fighting. As in losing her hair, getting it back, losing it…

I once told her that I was imagining an army of tiny Hugh Jackmans in her body slaying the cancer cells. Shirtless Hugh Jackmans. I can’t shrink and multiply Hugh Jackman in real life. (If I did have that power, I certainly wouldn’t shrink him.) But I would love if my fictional characters could bring down cancer. My Galaxy Girls overpower human and alien men with their most powerful weapon—pheromones. I think they could zap cancer cells with their pheromones and melt them into puddles.

In my paranormal romance Dragon Blues, my heroine is a martial arts expert and has killed two men (who totally deserve it) before she meets the hero. Cancer totally deserves killing. If my heroine could do it, I can see her using her karate skills to kill the rat-bastard cells. The dragon-turned-into-a-man hero would bestir himself to breathe a plume of fire on the villainous cells as well.

In Cattitude, my heroine would certainly scratch and bite as many cells as possible. In Dead People, my ghost therapist heroine wouldn’t be much help, but the rock star hero would write a song to help raise money.


Author Moments II will move you! It is heart warming to see how the dream of one little boy has the power to bring so many together. Author Moments II will remind us just how many blessings we have in our lives. Our love of reading brings us so much joy and knowing that we can help others by purchasing this book takes the delight of reading to an all new level. Author Moments II shares with us essays by our favorite authors, they have the ability to connect with each of us in a different way. In life we are not alone, pain, suffering, joy and love touch us all. Our love of the written word has allowed us to transcend many barriers we may have confronted in life. The stories you will find in Author Moments are amazing. The advice you will find in this book is funny, deep, and endearing. You will especially enjoy the excerpts for upcoming releases. ~ Readaholics Anonymous, Amazon reviewer

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