Dec 192014

Christmans_at_Angel_Lake_200x300_72dpiIt’s crazy that it’s nearly the end of the year. Christmas is almost here, and I’m halfway through my new romance with mystery. I’m loving it, but I missed writing a Christmas book this year! I was planning on doing one every year, but maybe I’ll do two this next year. But for now, I’m very pleased that Christmas at Angel Lake is Book of the Day at Ereader News Today. If you haven’t read it, it’s one of my favorite books that I’ve written.

For next year, I might do one with a murder in it. And some humor. I’ll see how I feel.

I’m open to suggestions. If you have one, let me know! :)

Oct 212014

This last summer, I’ve been busy working on two novellas for box sets: The Halloween Prince for Entranced: A Halloween Box Set and Dragon Mama Blues for Paranormally Yours: A Box Set. Then my husband and I went overseas for the first time (except for a Caribbean cruise, which I don’t think counts). We went to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. I came back with a whopping case of jetlag and a feeling that I wanted to do something different. So now I’m starting on a slightly new journey: a serial of three novellas that will be grittier than my normal books, with a bit of mystery mixed in with romance and everyday life.

I started my career by writing mysteries that were published in print magazines. But then I became distracted by romance. So this will combine both elements. Once I get this out of the way, I think I will go back to my Rescued Hearts books, but I’m looking forward to my new project!

Oct 132014

On Tuesday, October 14, you’re invited to the Facebook release party for Entranced: A Halloween Box Set, along with Mary Hughes, Michelle Diener, Dale Mayer, Liz Kreger and Edie Ramer – all Magical Musings’ authors – plus Lori Handeland, Nancy Haddock, Elle J Rossi, and Leigh Morgan. It’s going to be a blast! Lots of giveaways. Lots of fun. The hours are from 3:30pm – 7:30pm EDT. The box set is 99 cents (US) – down from $5.99!

Even if you can’t go, check out the great stories!

Holiday Feast from NY Times, USA Today and bestselling, award-winning authors. Nine exciting stories of romance and mystery, paranormal and contemporary, magical and mystical, ranging in lengths from novellas to short page-turning stories.

Escape to worlds featuring a vampire in love with a human, a powerful telekinetic, a secret lover, a spirit seer, a master magician, a wizard prince, a paranormal ass-kicker, and more.

When Midnight Comes — Lori Handeland
Visit the streets of 19th century New York in a novella based on the legend of the Jack O Lantern. Newly dead Jack Keegan may be doomed to wander the earth forever with only a lantern to light his way unless he atones for the sins of a lifetime. His love for Lucia Casale may be the only thing that can save him.

Midday Masquerade — Leigh Morgan
Can a mask help two lost and lonely people release their inner desires and find love strong enough to vanquish an ancient family curse?

Sian’s Solution — Dale Mayer
Sometimes the depth of love is only understood when it is lost forever… When a vampire discovers the human man she loves has been captured and hung in a blood farm, she goes against her own kind and risks everything to save him.

Breaking Out — Michelle Diener
Imprisoned in a secret facility, powerful telekinetic Kelli Barrack and two other ‘special’ inmates grab a chance to escape, only to confront their worst nightmares on the outside.

The Halloween Prince — Edie Ramer
A sudden storm, a broken van, and a ghost dog take widowed Sarah Lowtower to a cabin in the Wisconsin countryside and an intriguing man who becomes her secret lover. But when he becomes the Halloween Prince, everything changes.

Medium Rare — Nancy Haddock
The ghosts of St. Augustine are spooked, and spirit seer Colleen Cotton must team with a by-the-book paranormal investigator to save them all, or risk losing her own great grandfather’s spirit forever.

Feel the Magic — Liz Kreger
Jenna Carmichael is harnessing the magic of the full moon on All Hallow’s Night in a tricky transformation to earn her Master level, when the past comes back to haunt her.

Masked Attraction — Mary Hughes
Daniel Light loved Zoe Blackwood when he was a gangly dork. Now a powerful wizard prince, a masked ball gives Daniel a new chance to woo her. Coming between them is an ancient parchment with a deadly prophecy.

Midnight Masque — Elle J Rossi
Bar owner and paranormal ass-kicker, Josie Hawk, stresses over her vampire lover meeting her vampire-hunting father, while at her stars-of-country-music masquerade, supernatural forces escalate to code red. If she doesn’t unmask the insidious evil, the party could turn into a mass funeral.

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Sep 022014

But don’t buy it yet! Paranormally Yours: A Boxed Set is selling for $5.99 but we plan to lower it to 99 cents on Sept. 15. If you’re on my newsletter list, you’ll be notified. And if you aren’t, I hope you’ll sign up for it. Here’s the scoop on the box set:

Eight paranormal and fantasy romances from USA Today, B&N and Amazon bestselling authors for one great price! Indulge yourself with stories of romance, suspense, mystery, urban fantasy, or adventure. Whether you like ghosts, vampires, witches, werewolves, dragons, fae, jinn or a trip through a portal on the back of a very special horse, this set will delight and entertain.

This Blood – Alisha Basso, Amazon bestselling author

Grace finds herself the keeper of tremendous power and now the underworld is out to get her. Seth is a monster on the hunt and his prey has never been more seductive. While Graces’ powers will ensure his leadership in the underworld, her beauty will make her captivity a pleasure.

The Starbuck Chronicles: AfterLife – Zoe Dawson, bestselling author of Going to the Dogs

In this world gone mad……Lily’s biggest challenge is to survive. A grumpy werewolf client is the least of witch caterer Lily Starbuck’s worries when her partner is murdered. To make matters worse, the Fairy Dust Administration dust hounds are hot on her partner’s trail, sniffing around for illegal dust.

Raver – Candace Carrabus, Amazon bestselling author

Lauren thought she could call Cirq’s missing horses and return to Earth before anyone noticed. Now, she’s fighting giant venomous birds, a hostile queen, and the unfamiliar yearnings of her heart. Time is running out and conspiracy threatens from all sides. Can she return Cirq’s horses before it’s too late?

Soul of a Vampire – Lauralynn Elliott

Nikolas longs for his soul as the darkness in him tries to take over. Tessa searches for a way to help Nikolas before it’s too late. Together they fight physical and emotional battles in their quest for the one thing that could allow them to be together. Will they make it before time runs out?

In Cassie’s Corner – Dale Mayer, USA Today bestselling author

Faith and loyalty are tested as a young woman learns what it is to believe – in herself, in her friends, and in life after death.

Love my Dragon Mama Blues cover!

Love my Dragon Mama Blues cover!

Dragon Mama Blues – Edie Ramer, USA Today bestselling author

Jin Long is in love and pregnant…and a dragon turned into a woman. But someone knows what she is and wants her for himself. She steals away to her dragon son in Nashville. Her lover follows her…and so does trouble.

Black Diamond Jinn – Mary Hughes

The Y12 doom is real. Government witch Amaia Jones has the spreadsheet to prove it. Amaia turns to Rafe, a stunning jinni, for help. He proposes Venus magic, the very thing that killed her parents’ love. But the world is ending, tonight, unless she takes drastic action.

The Mating – Nicky Charles, Smashwords and B&N bestselling author  

Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she’d end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn.

Aug 122014

Hearts in Motion 235x350 72dpiI love good news! Hearts in Motion is one of the featured books at My Romance Reads. Romance Reads Book Club sends emails with notices of free and bargain books straight to your email. If you’re an avid reader like I am, it’s great to get their emails every day.

My other good news is that Romance Super Bundle II: Second Chances – the bundle that was on the USA Today bestseller list – is 100 in paid Kindle today! The lower numbers started yesterday. We haven’t done any special promotion, and we have no idea how it happened, but we’re happy. One of my co-authors on the bundle just said, “Keep your fingers crossed! Momma needs a NYT to go with her USA Today.” LOL

My last piece of news is that I just finished going over the last edit of my novella, Dragon Mama Blues. :) I have to read it once more before sending to Zoe Dawson for the paranormal bundle that it’s in. This was a tough novella – perhaps because I’ve been writing contemporary romances and kept wanting to turn this into a relationship book. But I’m happy with the result and think my readers will be happy, too.

Any good news in your life? What are you happy about today?

Aug 062014

I love the word Done. But it’s actually never done. I’m writing a stand-alone sequel to Dragon Blues. It’s titled Dragon Mama Blues. It was one of those stories that gave me a lot of trouble. I did two extensive revisions. Last night I sent it to my editor. At this point, I can’t tell if it’s good enough. I’ve read it too many times in a row, and when I do that, it’s hard to see the full picture. I’m waiting for my editor’s thoughts. (Amy Knupp at Blue Otter Editing, if you’re interested – and she’s fabulous!)

Today, I’m catching up on various non-writing stuff, plus I’m thinking of my next project. What are you doing? Anything you love?

Jul 272014

Congratulations to Lisa Z for winning a $10 Amazon gift card and her choice of one of my ebooks. The winner was chosen by

It was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of entries! I learned about a lot of great shows, too. The most popular were Frozen, Captain America, Maleficent, The Fault in our Stars, Legos, Heaven is For Real and The Avengers. There were others, but those were the most mentioned. I have some catching up to do, but it might have to wait until summer is over.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I’ll definitely do this again!

Jul 272014

Author Lily Graison is having a Christmas in July Facebook party. I’m giving away an ebook of Christmas at Angel Lake at her Facebook page. If you’ve already read it and would like a different book of mine, I’d be happy to substitute another one.

Lily is also giving away a Kindle Fire! Go here to find out more.

And tomorrow morning, I’m announcing the winner of my July newsletter contest here.

Good luck everyone!

Jun 162014

Must Love Pets: A Romance Box Set is out! Dale Mayer and I co-edited. (She did the cover!) I love every story in it, and it’s only 99 cents. We’re leaving this up for a limited time.) There’s a Facebook party that starts at 11:30 EST this morning. Lots of giveaways! (In addition to books, I’m giving away a pendant.) I hope to see you there!
Here’s the blurb and buy links:

NY Times, USA Today, Amazon and B&N bestselling authors!

Love dogs, love cats, love romance! Seven tales of love for 99 cents for a limited time!

Girl with the Cat Tattoo – Theresa Weir, NY Times bestselling author & Rita award winner

For cat lovers everywhere, this sweet, quirky, and delightful romance is about a young woman and her matchmaking cat. When Sam the cat takes it upon himself to find his young mistress a new mate, he accidentally stirs up memories better left forgotten. A little bit of mystery, a whole lot of whimsy.

Groomed for Murder – Zoe Dawson

Brooke Palmer’s exclusive doggie spa, Pawlish, is sued when a client’s pampered champion gets a bad poodle cut. The client’s lawyer is drop-dead gorgeous Drew Hudson, but Brooke won’t be wooed by a corporate shark in a sharp suit. This frivolous lawsuit is Drew’s chance to advance to partner, but things get complicated when he finds that the side he’s rooting for isn’t the side he’s fighting for.

It’s a Dog’s Life – Dale Mayer

Ninna’s new job in the local animal shelter includes a yummy vet…and a dog who talks to her. Not just any dog…a fat, old, smart-alecky Basset Hound who says his name is Mosey.With all this going on, she doesn’t have time to worry about the rash of break-ins and the sense of being watched. She’s too busy worrying that she’s nuts.

Christmas at Angel Lake – Edie Ramer

In a heartwarming tale of love, producer Logan MacLeesh, dumped by the woman he loves, lets squatter Maddie Barrymore, her young son and cat stay in his grandmother’s house… as long as she tells him a story every night. Far away, in another state, a homeless dog begins an impossible journey to find the man who’s meant for him…

The Mutt and the Matchmaker – JB Lynn

Private investigator Tom Hanlon is investigating a string of home burglaries when a pushy matchmaker sets him up with his main suspect – quirky dog walker Jane Bly – and her foster mutt, Calamity. Tom’s trying to catch a thief, but it may be his heart that’s stolen.

The Man, The Dog, His Owner & Her Lover – Candace Carrabus

When Stephanie O’Hanlon, 40-something workaholic, gets laid off and rescues a dog inhabited by her lover from a former life, she discovers the meaning of crazy. Handyman Gabe Fagen is crazy-in-love with Steph, but will she notice he’s alive with a mysterious giant dog acting as her guardian angel?

Walk in Beauty – Barbara Samuel, seven-time Rita award winner

A highly emotional tale of lost love and second chances. Long ago, Luke Bernali’s proud Navajo blood and strong carpenter’s hands made genteel Jessie Callahan fall heedlessly in love, but Luke let her down. Now, eight years later, Jessie is back and Luke is determined to recapture the heart of the woman he’s never stopped missing. Can a fierce, desperate long-ago love soar anew?

Amazon | Apple iBooks | All Romance eBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Books | Kobo | Smashwords

Feb 142014 was my release Facebook party for CRAZY SEXY LOVE, Rescued Hearts book 3. If you missed it, my apologies. I was going low key on this. I just sent out my newsletter and 3 gift card giveaways on my author Facebook page. You can read more about CRAZY SEXY LOVE and an excerpt here. I already have a lovely review. Here’s part of it:

“In Crazy, Sexy Love, Edie gives us a heartfelt romance that was love from the moment 4 year old Sam heard Callie’s musical laughter. I love how Edie starts Crazy, Sexy Love with Sam and Callie’s persepectives as children, and she moves on from there. It was a lot of fun reading about what love means to a couple of 4 year olds! Edie takes us to different times of their lives so we get a good background on both Sam and Callie – making Crazy, Sexy Love flow off the pages, easy to follow and understand what’s happening.” ~Sue Peace

You can read more at the Peaces of Me blog.

Hearts_in_Motion_200x300I also lowered the price of the first Rescued Hearts book, HEARTS IN MOTION, to 99 cents. It’s part of my plan to make more people smile and feel good. And appreciate their dogs and cat more – though I know people who are pretty appreciative already. You can find all the links, etc., here.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. My husband and I are going to watch Captain Phillips. Other than that, I’ve started my new book, and it has an awesome title. Literally, as “awesome” is in the title.

Despite the crazy weather, I’m feeling very good. How are you feeling?