Feb 142014

https://edieramer.com/crazy-sexy-love-rescued-hearts-book-3/Yesterday was my release Facebook party for CRAZY SEXY LOVE, Rescued Hearts book 3. If you missed it, my apologies. I was going low key on this. I just sent out my newsletter and 3 gift card giveaways on my author Facebook page. You can read more about CRAZY SEXY LOVE and an excerpt here. I already have a lovely review. Here’s part of it:

“In Crazy, Sexy Love, Edie gives us a heartfelt romance that was love from the moment 4 year old Sam heard Callie’s musical laughter. I love how Edie starts Crazy, Sexy Love with Sam and Callie’s persepectives as children, and she moves on from there. It was a lot of fun reading about what love means to a couple of 4 year olds! Edie takes us to different times of their lives so we get a good background on both Sam and Callie – making Crazy, Sexy Love flow off the pages, easy to follow and understand what’s happening.” ~Sue Peace

You can read more at the Peaces of Me blog.

Hearts_in_Motion_200x300I also lowered the price of the first Rescued Hearts book, HEARTS IN MOTION, to 99 cents. It’s part of my plan to make more people smile and feel good. And appreciate their dogs and cat more – though I know people who are pretty appreciative already. You can find all the links, etc., here.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. My husband and I are going to watch Captain Phillips. Other than that, I’ve started my new book, and it has an awesome title. Literally, as “awesome” is in the title.

Despite the crazy weather, I’m feeling very good. How are you feeling?

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