Feb 282013

bunny loveMy word for the day is LOVE. Yesterday I finished reading a nonfiction book on a near death experience, PROOF OF HEAVEN by Eben Alexander, M.D., and what I got out of his experience in the afterlife is that it’s total love.

The wordless message he got was:

You are loved and cherished.
You have nothing to fear.
There is nothing you can do wrong.

He boiled it down to:
You are loved.

And then boiled it down further:

I’m feeling that love today. What are you feeling?

photo credit: Mark Philpott via photopin cc

  2 Responses to “Word of the day: Love”

  1. Love is such a powerful word and thing. Nothing is deeper than love. Love makes you do crazy things. Love makes you do sweet things. I love love. 🙂

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