Feb 172013

I”ve been busy working on my new book. I should finish it this week and immediately jump on revisions before sending to my editor. I have a fabulous title, MO’S HEART. The Mafia is going to be in this book! Of course, this isn’t the usual Mafia book. Since it’s a Miracle Interrupted book, set in a tiny Wisconsin village, that wouldn’t work very well. I’m having fun writing this, and at the same time I’m  nervous because of the Mafia element. But there are two kittens in my book, a passionate love story, and the villagers. That much stays the same.

Today Free Kindle Fiction is featuring STARDUST MIRACLE as one of the books. Quite a few other free Kindle books look good, too. They also have UK links. I really like this site.

Yesterday I was at a Barnes & Noble in Racine, Wisconsin, listening to Leigh Morgan give a great talk for about twenty minutes, most of it impromptu. She has ambitious plans for future books. I’m really looking forward to reading them.

I have to get back to writing. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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