Jan 092013

Miracle Pie 246x360Like all authors, I love to get 5 star reviews, but this review of MIRACLE PIE from Amy R at So Many Reads is special because of what she says in her last paragraph:

Whenever I am done reading a Miracle Interrupted story, I always feel a strong sense of hope. I highly recommend Miracle Pie to anyone looking for a miracle.

Actually I love the whole last paragraph – and the whole review – but the ‘sense of hope’ is something I want the reader to feel in every book I write, and it’s especially true in this book. It makes me happy to know I achieved my goal.

I”m also delighted that STARDUST MIRACLE has gotten a great review at Fresh Fiction by Sherri M. 🙂

My favorite author mention is by Julie Kenner! She’s listed STARDUST MIRACLE (which is still free!) on her Hump Day Books: Check out These New or Notable Reads (Jan. 9 edition)! post. I’m a fan of Julie’s books, and she’s nice as well as a terrific author. I only had time to check out one of the other books she listed, and I liked it so much I’m going to download it.

My last news is that a book club in Arkansas is reading DEAD PEOPLE. I’m delighted! I’ve thought that a book club might be interested in my Miracle Interrupted books, but I’m thrilled that they’re reading Cassie and Luke’s story.

Except for the grinding noise my computer made when I turned it on this morning, it would be a perfect day. (It only lasted a couple minutes, and I’m hoping it was just spitting out a cat hair.)

How are things going for you?

  8 Responses to “Terrific reviews, a favorite author mention and a book club!”

  1. What a wonderful and well-deserved review, Edie!!
    Congrats on that, on the mention by Julie Kenner, and on the book club, too!!
    Thrilled to see your 2013 getting off to such a great start :).

  2. Congratulations on all your good news, Edie! I hope the rest of your year goes just as well. 🙂 (And that your computer’s hair ball was as bad as that’s going to be! lol)

    I’m reaching the home stretch of the certification process for my day job, and once that’s over, I’m hoping my life will slow down some. It’s been almost a year since it got crazy, and I’m ready for free time!

  3. Aw, thanks, Edie! I needed to hear that! 🙂

  4. Wow, all wonderful pieces of news about your reviews. Good for you. But then I’m not surprised readers love your books. I sure do.

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