Dec 272012

My 4th Miracle Interrupted book should be available in a couple of days, so I’ve decided to put STARDUST MIRACLE, the first full-length book of the series, up for free where I could. It’s now free at Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo and All Romance.

My favorite new cheese is one I found from a free sample at a grocery store. I hope a lot more people find my series the same way. These books are a genre shift from my paranormal romances. The closest category is magical realism, but that isn’t an official category. So I’m saying that this series will appeal to people who enjoy romance, laughter, tears, love, puppies, cats and magic. It sounds like a ‘sweet’ series, but they usually have a couple steamy scenes, depending on the book. (Not the first one, MUST WORSHIP CATS, which is entirely in the point of view of a cat and has no sex scenes.)

I had a great holiday, and I feel like I’m ending the year in a very good way. How about you? How are you ending your year?

  2 Responses to “Free! Stardust Miracle!”

  1. Hi Edie! We had a great holiday. We miss my mother-in-law but know she is watching over us. Aside from that, no complaints about 2012. As for ending the year/celebrating the new year – no idea. We always seem to be last minute with our NYE plans. We will probably have some friends over or go to someone else’s house, eat some food, drink some champagne…maybe eat some cheese. If only I lived in Wisconsin and could get some real, fresh cheese curds (not the ones they sell in the grocery store around here). 🙂

    • Amy, we were at a store today that had cheese samples. I took a sample of cheese curds and it squeaked in my mouth. Love when they do that.

      I think our loved ones who passed are often watching over us. I’m meeting with writer friends on the 31st for lunch, and I’m really looking forward to it. I always do, but this time Liz Kreger will be joining us. She’s usually working when we meet. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her.

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