Oct 252012

My best news, writing wise, is that I’m more than halfway done with my first draft of MIRACLE PIE. So far I’m loving it, yet I worry about it, the same as I do with every book I write. But now that I know I worry, I don’t worry as much. (There must be a cat cartoon to go with that, but I don’t have time to look for it.) My other news is that I finally sent out my newsletter. The last one I sent out was last December. Since then I published a novella and two books in my Miracle Interrupted series. I hope to have another book out in December, though it might be January.

I also got a little sidetracked with my Miracle Mail newsletters. I ended up sending only one out. I had two reasons. First, I was revising and publishing MIRACLE LANE. That’s always my first priority (besides family and friends; yes, pets too, but they’re family). Second, I found out my newsletters are going straight to spam. I have no idea why that happened. I only send to subscribers, plus the emails have an easy unsubscribe. I’m offering a free book to my newsletter subscribers, so if you’re on the list, I hope you’ll check out your spam folder and mark my newsletter as not spam.

For now, I’m sending my newsletters for my books out and hope some people look at their spam before they automatically delete. (I do!) But for my Miracle Mail newsletter, I decided to just put it on my blog every week for now. I’ll start this next week. Later, I might send a weekly Miracle Mail message again. I could even do it with my regular email.

So, do you want to share your good or your bad news?

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  1. My good news? Last year this time I indie published my first book. I now have 4 up with several more in the works. All thanks to you and others who blazed the trail for me and urged me forward.

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