Oct 222012

MIRACLE LANE is available! The digital version is available at most places. You can see the links here, along with the excerpt and the blurb. I’m so excited and happy about this series. I’m halfway through the next book, MIRACLE PIE, which I love even more. My main character is a pie maker who puts love into her pies. I feel I’m putting love into my Miracle Interrupted books.

More news. I’m on Jennifer Estep’s blog, talking about yum-yum love. I’m giving away an e-copy of STARDUST MIRACLE, but if you’re the winner and you already read it, I’ll be happy to give an e-copy of MIRACLE LANE instead.

Yet more news. Debut author Eliza Daly is on Magical Musings talking about spells that change your life and wondering if it’s a good idea to use the spells. I said I’d use them.  Would you? Let Beth know, and you might win one of her great prizes, including gift certificates.

I hope you have a great week!

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  1. YAY, Edie!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on the release of MIRACLE LANE!!!
    Off now to visit Amazon…

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