Aug 012012

It’s only Wednesday, and I’ve had a busy week. On Monday I had lunch with authors Mary HughesLeigh Morgan, Elle J Rossi and Beth Watson. Leigh, Mary and I have been getting together for a few months now. Last month Mary had brought her print copy of BLACK DIAMOND JINN. Leigh and I were impressed, and we decided we wanted to go into print with our books. I’m starting with just one for STARDUST MIRACLE from my new Miracle Interrupted series. Leigh is jumping in with all three of her contemporary romances. While I just recently started my process, Leigh brought all three books to lunch on Monday.

Here’s a peek at Mary’s book and one of Leigh’s:

Don’t they look wonderful? I was also impressed with the icon for Leigh’s company, Pen & Sword Publishing, LLC. After lunch, I contacted my cover artist instead and asked her to add one for my print cover. I love what she came up with. It’s so…cute. It fits my books, and the first time I saw it, I said “Awww.” I always go with the “Awww.” So here it is:

In a week or two, STARDUST MIRACLE should be available in print. I’m eager to post about that!

That’s my news. Last night I watched the US women’s gymnastic Olympic team win the gold. I was thrilled! The women’s gymnasts events are my favorite, and I’m glad I caught it.

So far it’s been a great week. How has your week been going?

  10 Responses to “I haz icon!”

  1. I love the Blue Walrus Books icon! That totally has to be your Twitter and website icon.

    Thanks for the Black Diamond Jinn mention 🙂 And Leigh’s books are absolutely gorgeous!!

    • Mary, thanks! Great idea about it being my icon.

      If you hadn’t started the ball rolling, I probably wouldn’t be doing any of this. So you can the credit! I’m glad I’m doing this. It’s past time.

  2. I love it – it’s perfect! 🙂

  3. This is fantastic, Edie! I love him. Does the Blue Walrus symbolize something for you? Just curious!

    • Elle, thanks! I was thinking of Blue Dragon Books or Publishing, after my book Dragon Blues, but it was already taken. After a few more tries, Blue Walrus Books came, and it sounded right. I think it fits the quirky side of my books. Just like Pen & Sword Publishing fits Leigh.

      When you go indie with one of your books, I’ll bet you’ll pick something mysterious and sensual yet classy. 🙂

  4. Good Morning, Edie! Love the Blue Walrus, something about him just makes me smile. I’m about halfway through with Black Diamond Jinn and I’m loving it. Mary is so funny…a laugh or a smile on every page. Next is the Miracle series which I’m very excited about reading 🙂 The covers are…AWESOME! I am very pleased with the paper books! Thanks for mentioning me. I had a wonderful time on Monday. Always do when I’m surrounded by so much creative positive energy! Happy August. Happy Writing. Happy Reading.

    Leigh Morgan

    • Leigh, Mary had me on the first page of Black Diamond Jinn with the heroine’s clanging lady parts. lol I want to use that!

      I hope you enjoy my Miracle Interrupted books. Happy August, writing and reading back at you.

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