Jun 162012

Yesterday I sent the free coupon code for my latest book, STARDUST MIRACLE, to quite a few readers. In my email, I mentioned my novella in the Miracle Interrupted series by title. I looked over it a couple times for errors, didn’t see any, and hit send. Last night I heard from one of the readers. Instead of giving the novella title MUST WORSHIP CATS, I said it was MUST WORKSHOP CATS.

The reader who told me thought it was funny, but I’ve got to be honest. My cat would not approve. Good thing she doesn’t read.

  4 Responses to “Workshop cats?”

  1. LOL. My cats could use a good workshop!

    • Kate, we’d have to lure the cats in with a title like ‘How to Catch Canaries.’ When the workshop would really be something like ‘Maintaining Good Urinary Tract Health.’ lol

      • LOL, Edie. Once we’ve hooked them in, I will personally teach “Where to Go When You Feel a Hairball Coming” and “Purses are NOT Litterboxes!”

        • Kate, the hairballs and the puke do come at inconvenient places. You just made me so glad that my cat hasn’t mistaken my purse for a litterbox.

          If cats did workshop, you know they’d be running the show, telling humans what to do. Though I’m not sure if we behave any better than they do.

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