Jun 132012

I’ve been super busy. My book STARDUST MIRACLE is out now. I’m blogging about it at the lovely Delilah Devlin’s blog, and giving away a copy of Stardust Miracle to a commenter. All you have to do is say what you’d do if caught your husband/wife/love in a compromising position with another man or woman.

I’m also part of the Book Lovers Buffet with DEAD PEOPLE and DEAD PEOPLE IN LOVE. The buffet has links for more than 150 eBooks at 99 cents in different genres.

I’m busy writing my next book, tentatively titled MIRACLE LANE. I’m hoping to finish the first draft. I owe free books to readers who wrote reviews and let me know. If you’re one of them, I promise to get this out to you this week. My cat has been sick, and she just came home from the vet today, so I’m in a very good mood. 🙂

Right now life is good for me. How is it for you?

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