Nov 142011

I’m on Kindlegraph! Which means I can digitally sign autographs. It’s very cool and doesn’t cost me or the reader anything. It’s easy to do, too. You can see my books at Click on Request Kindlegraph and follow the instructions. You can look up your favorite authors to see if they’re on Kindlegraph. I couldn’t find books by Jennifer Estep, but I did find Cynthia EdenDale Mayer and Misty Evans.

My other news is that I finished the second revision of my novella, Mixing It Up. It’s a Galaxy Girls story. The main character is Ki, Phyrne’s aunt. Of course, pheromones are involved. 🙂 I sent Mixing It Up to a beta reader and will undoubtedly have to make more changes.

While I’m waiting to hear back, I can play catch up. I updated my newsletter subscriber list, signed on for Kindlegraph, will do filing, take the dogs for a walk, and do formatting. Notice what I put last? Not my favorite thing to do, but I’m determined to do it. Sometime this week – maybe tomorrow – I’ll start the short story that I’ll send to my newsletter subscribers for free. It’s a Haunted Hearts story, and will feature Cassie and Luke from Dead People. Joe the ghost, Cassie’s best friend, might or might not make an appearance. I discover these things as I write the book.

I suppose I should start talking about a book that Karin Tabke and I co-wrote and will self-publish. The book is ready. We’re waiting for the cover from the fabulous Laura Morrigan. We’ll probably get it at the end of the month or early in December. It’s a very fun book, nothing like either of us normally write. We both love it! In fact, Karin’s agent loved it, but we decided to go indie with it. I’m really looking forward to putting this out there.

What are you looking forward to?

Nov 132011

Trish McCallan has had her debut romantic suspense Forged in Fire available for only two months, and it’s #8 in bestselling romantic suspense novels within the Kindle Store! It has 38 reviews on Amazon already. People are writing her to tell her how much they love it. I’m thrilled for her!

As a thank you, she’s holding a drawing to give away either a new Kindle Fire or a Barnes&Noble color Nook, plus a $25 gift certificate to load it up with books. To get your name in the pot, all you have to do is post a review for a book by an indie author between now and Dec. 18. You can read more about it here.

Trish is an amazing writer as well as being so generous. I’m pleased that she’s doing so well. So, go forth, read, review and enter!

Nov 112011

This is what I listened to this morning. I picked up my cat and danced with her – for about 30 seconds. Then she jumped off and I danced alone while she rubbed her body on the carpet. We both enjoyed ourselves.

The second revision of my Galaxy Girls novella is done. I deleted one scene and added two. It’s about 1500 words longer than my first revision. I’m reading a hard copy today. When I’m done, I’ll send it to a beta reader. Altogether, I’m feeling good this Friday morning. How are you feeling?

Zombies and giveaways and Stories of Romance

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Nov 072011

Ever wonder how you’d whack off zombie body parts? Let me know at Magical Musings, and you’ll get a chance to win one of my ebooks.

I found a new place for readers and writers: Stories of Romance. Their slogan is “Exploring the Universe of Love.” And they do, with print books, ebooks, DVDs, music and more. They have a Spotlight a week. This week’s is Jacqueline Diamond, who is climbing up the Kindle bestseller list with her books. On Jan. 6th, I’ll be the splotlight author.

I’m revising my novella, Mixing It Up, with characters from Galaxy Girls. I hope to finish it tomorrow and send to a reader. Then I’ll start writing a short story that will be free for my newsletter subscribers.

What are your plans for the week?