Aug 152011

I’m at three places today. Four if you count typing in my office with my beagle softly snoring behind me. If you’re a writer, you might be interested in my How To Write Shop article about promoting your ebooks on Amazon and Yahoo forums. I got the information from Trish McCallan, who’s using the forums brilliantly. More power to her!

I’m also on Indie Snippets with a snippet from Galaxy Girls. It’s a fun place. I really like it and thanks to Bryan Dennis for doing this.

Last, I’m at Magical Musings, talking about The Important Things.

All four of me hope to see you online somewhere.



Aug 102011

Yesterday was proof that bad things come in 3s. They were irritating bad things – starting with my internet connection not connecting – and not tragedies. (After two hours, I did get online.) Good things happened, too, and I’m all about good things. DRAGON BLUES is featured in the September issue of RT Book Reviews! It’s on page 23, and it looks gorgeous! It’s under What’s HOT This Month in Self-Publishing. They mention DEAD PEOPLE, too, which finalled in the RT-sponsored American Title V contest.

Even more exciting things are on their way, as you can see by this fantastic cover by Laura Morrigan.

Cynthia Eden talks about it on her blog, and has an excerpt from her story. Later, I’ll blog about it and put up an excerpt from my story, The Fat Cat.

So, that’s two exciting things. I’m waiting for the third.

Anything exciting in your life lately?

Aug 032011

I’m at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews with one of my Galaxy Girls characters interviewing another. It was my suggestion, but as soon as she said “great idea” (or something similar), I inwardly groaned and wondered if I could pull it off. So I’m pleased at how well it turned out. It catches the fun tone of the story (though GG has some dark spots, too.)

Laurie also wrote an insightful review that gave me something to think about. That’s what a good reviewer does. I almost forgot, but I’m doing a giveaway there, too.

Michelle Diener, whose debut book, In A Treacherous Court, is officially out now, is at Magical Musings, talking about all that she’s learned on her journey to publication. A lot!

I should be writing but I’m monitoring a great class on formatting and converting Word files into epub and prc files. Yesterday I formatted 2 books. Today I’ll format 3 much quicker than I did yesterday. (I hope) Then I’ll try the conversion. Lori Devoti, who’s teaching the class, makes it look easy. Wish me luck.