Sep 302010

I just revised a scene that put my heroine close to death. It was intense, and I need time off to breathe.

I’ve been concentrating on my revisions and have been remiss in blogging. (I like that word “remiss.”) Tuesday was my husband’s birthday, and we went kayaking in the morning and out to eat in the evening. Yesterday, I blogged at the Five Scribes about the joys, the sorrows and the pitfalls of self-publishing. Since I’ve experienced a lot of joy during this process, it’s one of the favorite blogs that I’ve written. Thanks to Donnell Bell for giving me such a great topic!

Today I’m at the Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell with an interview and a giveaway. It’s a book review site, and I’m happy to be there. Stop off and say hi if you get a chance.

Jennifer Estep is at Magical Musings today with a great blog. Venom, the third book of her Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series, will be out soon. She’s doing so well and her books are gaining her many fans. One reviewer I contacted had just reviewed Web of Lies, Jennifer’s second Elemental Assassin book, and I mentioned that I knew Jennifer. The reviewer gushed about how much she loved Jennifer’s books, and I think I went up a couple notches in her estimation. 😎

I’ve been restraining myself from mentioning the reviews Cattitude has gotten, though I love them all, but I can’t resist linking to this review from Meankitty and Jody Wallace. It made me laugh — and Jody praised my comma usage. 🙂

Big squeals for Marilyn Brant and Cynthia Eden!!!!! They both have releases this week! Cynthia with her novella in The Naughty List, in which good girl toy inventor Christie takes a walk on the naughty side when she sparks a no-strings fling with Santa—actually, sexy cop Jonas in a Santa suit. It’s a bit lighter than Cynthia normally writes and sounds like a lot of fun.

Marilyn’s book, Friday Mornings at Nine, is about three women who answer the questions: What if they all married the wrong man? What if they’re living the wrong life? And what would happen if, just once, they gave in to temptation…

I’ve read it, and loved it. Now I’m eager to read Cynthia’s novella.

What are you eager to read?

  6 Responses to “Tantalizing Thursday”

  1. I like that word remiss, too!

    I have been remiss at my blog, because I’m trying my darndest to finish the outdoor painting now that the sun has come back out. It was 2 degrees Celsius (0 Celsius is like 32 F. but don’t ask me what 2 C =) at beginning of Sept. and now it’s in the mid-twenties (very nice weather – I wear jeans walking the dog, but a T-shirt without a jacket and sandals). I NEED to get this painting done.

    I’m reading THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED by Wally Lamb. I WAS reading a romance novel by a writer I usually really enjoy. But I couldn’t get into it. It felt “rushed” in the writing. After 7 chapters, I gave up.

  2. Cindy, we had T-shirt and jeans weather here, too. Perfect walking weather. It’s supposed to get colder tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to that.

  3. And I’ve been remiss in visiting the many blogs that I normally do. Sounds like you’ve been a busy girl. Good going on the revisions.

  4. Liz, I’m feeling good about it. Now that I’ve seen the cover, I’m excited.

  5. That lake is beautiful, Edie! Good luck with your revisions and happy reading!

  6. Thanks, Robin. That wasn’t us, but it’s the one that looked most like us and the lake we were on.

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