Jul 162010

Yesterday I finished a revision with entire scenes rewritten and many smaller revisions. When I saved that last draft and sat back, I felt like I was crawling out of the Cat Cave. I sent CATTITUDE to two beta readers. I’m very happy with it, but no matter how carefully I read the revisions, I know there will be mistakes that my eyes slide over. After all, my mind knows what I mean.

Shortly after I sent it off, Karin Tabke emailed me. She’s leaving on a long writing weekend, her version of a Cat Cave. Her blog day at Murder She Writes is Friday, and she asked if I would guest. So I said yes, thank you. My blog on Saying Yes to Opportunity is up now. I’m talking about my journey into indie publishing. Stop off and say hi if you get a chance.

So what’s your version of the Cat Cave? Have you been in it lately? Or are you still there?

Jul 112010

The post title says exactly what I’m going through right now. It’s summer. Relatives are visiting. (Sleeping as I type this. My beagle is snoring behind me. My English setter is downstairs. Husband is kayaking with my brother. The cat could be anywhere.) When I have free time, I’m frantically working on what I hope is one last revision of CATTITUDE. I’m more than halfway done. (Yay!!!!) My visitors will be leaving today, then returning on Friday. I’ll try my best to finish the revision by then.

For my revisions, the story structure is the same (thank God!), but I’m changing and deepening motivations. I’m rewriting every scene one secondary character is in. (EEEEEK!) I’m making other changes along the way, but they aren’t as major. I’m paying attention to each sentence, because sometimes it’s easy for my eyes to slide by and not realize that, oops, it doesn’t fit the new version.

The changes should make the book stronger, so I’m glad I’m doing it. I joined a new online group too. I’m trying to participate, but it’s hard to find time. Later I should do more. Right now family and CATTITUDE are my priorities.

And I’m excited because I’m going to the RWA National Convention in Orlando!!!!! Yay!!!!! I’m traveling with an awesome friend and staying in a timeshare with her and some other fun writers. I won’t be registered, so you can probably find me in the bar. I’ll bring my new Kindle and will be reading on it. We’re planning to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. It’s going to be fun. I feel lucky to have great friends.

I have great books too that I’m reading. One on Kindle and one in paperback. I’m stealing time to read them, but they’re worth it. Both are written by friends! (Friends and family seem to be a theme of this post. Also, excessive exclamation marks.)

All in all, this is a crazy busy and crazy fun summer. How is your summer doing?